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You’re not making your parents proud… November 15, 2019

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This is entertaining, news that Donald Trump Jr was heckled by Trump supporters at an event at the University of California to publicise his book whose central contention is that conservatives ‘are willing to engage in dialogue but that it was the left that refused to tolerate free speech’. This due to his refusal to engage in a Q&A session in front of said supporters.

Apparently at the margins of Trump support – and let’s just not in passing that these are Trump supporters and how bizarre that sounds even in the context of US Republicanism – there’s a rift.

The fiasco pointed to a factional rift on the Trump-supporting conservative right that has been growing rapidly in recent weeks, particularly among “zoomers” – student-age activists. On one side are one of the sponsors of Trump Jr’s book tour, Turning Point USA, a campus conservative group with a track record of bringing provocative rightwing speakers to liberal universities.
On the other side are far-right activists – often referred to as white supremacists and neo-Nazis, although many of them reject such labels – who believe in slamming the door on all immigrants, not just those who cross the border without documents, and who want an end to America’s military and diplomatic engagement with the wider world.

Even more entertaining to see some on this margin argue that Trump’s administration and movement is being ‘infected with fake conservatism’.

This piece in the Guardian by Arwa Mahdawi argues that this is a bad sign, that it suggests the far-right is now so emboldened that it will go after Trump Jr. for being insufficiently extreme. There’s no question that racist rhetoric has risen into public prominence (we see this in Brexit Britain). But… I’m not sure about the specific instance of a Trump being heckled. To me it suggests a splintering. And that suggests weakness. What do others think?


1. CL - November 15, 2019

“”I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” -Trump. (The Don in the White House)

Trump has been in campaign mode for several years on a nativist, racist platform. He has kept the support of his base, with his approval rating being consistently around 40%, give or take. But his innate bigotry and authoritarian personality preclude him from obtaining support beyond this, thus jeopardizing his prospect of re-election.

The various antics of the junior Trumps don’t really affect this.

So far the Republicans are sticking with Trump, fearing a backlash from the base. The Republican Senate is unlikely to oust Trump when the Democrats in the House vote to impeach him. He has the power of the Presidency while the Democratic party process of picking his opponent won’t be completed for several more months.

“given the skewed geographical distribution of Trump voters and potential Trump voters, there is still a chance that he could pull another inside straight in the Electoral College to win a second term. That’s all he desires, of course. But the Republican Party was founded in 1854, and, if it wants to survive for another hundred and sixty-five years, it needs to align itself with some growing parts of the electorate rather than turning into an embittered rump party for rural working-class whites.”


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