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1989 Revisited: 16th-17th November, Protests start in Czechoslovakia November 17, 2019

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On the eve of International Students Day (the 50th anniversary of Sonderaktion Prag, the 1939 storming of Prague universities by the Nazis), Slovak high school and university students organised a peaceful demonstration in the centre of Bratislava. The Communist Party of Slovakia had expected trouble, and the mere fact that the demonstration was organised was viewed as a problem by the Party. Armed forces were put on alert before the demonstration. In the end, however, the students moved through the city peacefully and sent a delegation to the Slovak Ministry of Education to discuss their demands.

On the 17th November, Czechoslovakian student Communist organisation demonstration turns into protest

The Socialist Union of Youth (SSM/SZM, proxy of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia) organised a mass demonstration on 17 November to commemorate International Students Day and the fiftieth anniversary of the murder of student Jan Opletal[6] by the Nazi government.[5]

By 16:00, about 15,000 people joined the demonstration. They walked (per the strategy of founders of Stuha movement, Jiří Dienstbier and Šimon Pánek) to Karel Hynek Mácha’s grave at Vyšehrad Cemetery and — after the official end of the march — continued into the centre of Prague,[7] carrying banners and chanting anti-Communist slogans.

This resulted in attacks by security forces which in turn led to strikes by students and actors.


1. tafkaGW - November 18, 2019

Meanwhile, in the here and now, 200,000 people, organised by A Million Moments for Democracy, assembled in Prague this Saturday to call for the overthrow of oligarchic rule (in this case a capitalist rather than a Leninist version).

They are calling for Andrej Babiš, the prime minister, to either genuinely divest from his business interests and sack the justice minister, or resign.


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