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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… November 17, 2019

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Yet again, self praise is no praise:

The tributes to Niall Toibin, like those to Gay Byrne, neglected the aspect of their character I admired most: their courage, contempt for naff nationalism, and generally good politics.
Good politics was at the core of the RTE scripts I wrote for Toibin: The Testimony of James Connolly (1968) and the satirical series If the Cap Fits (1973) and Time Now Mr T (1977).

Though it gets, if possible more self-aggrandising from there:

Naturally, nobody in RTE called me to share my memories of him last week – airbrushing awkward critics being part of Montrose’s peculiar notion of public service broadcasting.

And… again…

Luckily, Ivan Yates of Newstalk gave me a platform to recall Toibin’s contribution to good politics which I am amplifying here for his admirers.

Meanwhile in the same paper Eilis O’Hanlon offers a kind of sort of defence of Lorraine Clifford-Lee that seems to run out of steam even as she writes – though she circles around a couple of times:

Her comments will be dredged up by journalists and broadcasters every time she does an interview, because Google forgets nothing. Is that fair? It absolutely is not. A person’s character and contribution to public life should be judged in the round and in context, and there is a possible case for the defence even in this extreme instance. In saying that her car was stolen by a “knacker”, for example, Clifford-Lee may have been using the word in a looser colloquial sense, with no thought or intention of insulting actual Travellers. Not the wisest move, but not a hanging offence.

“Pikey” is harder to defend, as were the comments about the local nightclub being a “sluts venue”, which is bizarre coming from a self-described feminist. There is definitely some hypocrisy there, but it’s hard to judge the context. Maybe she was trying to be funny? She failed, but who hasn’t made the odd off-colour remark that crashed and burned like a kamikaze pilot?

Then there’s the video here from earlier in the week.

Going gangbusters in so many ways…

Have we come to this? Wonder how many times he had to do the take? Really stupid, quite clever, some mix of both.

Any other examples from this weekend or week?


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