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Climate Crisis II November 18, 2019

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Excellent Slate Politics Gabfest podcast (wow, that’s a mouthful) where they engaged with the bizarre US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. Granted, as they noted, Paris is weak stuff from a left perspective (and by the by, is it me or has the term ‘left’ become much more a feature of debate and discussion in US politics, replacing the non-too lovely ‘Liberal’). But they went much further noting that there was an absolute contradiction between the supposed ‘economic’ realism of those propounding that line as against the clear economic benefits, in innovation to take one area alone, in developing new technologies around renewables. And then there was this from David Plotz.

Florida may not exist as a state in substantive form in 50 years. If you are in Miami, if you live in Miami, own any real estate in Miami and aren’t incredibly concerned about climate change you’re a fucking moron.

True that.


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