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No Go! 1973 November 20, 2019

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Many thanks to BH for pointing to this docudrama from 1973 which deals with the conflict in the North, and in particular Derry, albeit looking at the Officials.

Not a lot of information about it, but a few snippets here and there.


1. Gearóid Clár - November 21, 2019

I am getting a “This video is private” message :/

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WorldbyStorm - November 21, 2019

Ah, they must have done that subsequently – sorry


2. Michael Carley - November 21, 2019

I had a quick skim (and didn’t download it, unfortunately) and was amazed by how open it was: a lot of people were showing their faces including one guy who was on the run.

Could have done without the opening line about the state making “n—–s out of the Catholic minority”.


WorldbyStorm - November 21, 2019

I wondered were a lot of people in it actors? Yes, that wasn’t a great line, to put it mildly.


3. roddy - November 21, 2019

Skimmed through it and it would be safe to assume that vast majority of those in it would have went with IRSP/INLA a couple of years later.


WorldbyStorm - November 21, 2019

Johnny White for a start!


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