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The world of workers: Living wages November 22, 2019

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In the UK it is heartening to hear this. That Lidl is to give its workers a…

…pay rise in March when its hourly rate would move from £9 to £9.30 outside London and from £10.55 to £10.75 in the capital. The rises match the higher rate announced by the Living Wage Foundation – the charity which sets the voluntary measure – last week. The official minimum wage set by the government for Britons aged over 25 is £8.21.

However there’s a slight caveat:

Katherine Chapman, the director of the Living Wage Foundation, said: “It’s a great to hear that Lidl will be going beyond the government minimum and paying the new real living wage rate to employees. However, as Lidl is not accredited with the Living Wage Foundation, we can’t be sure that its subcontracted staff, such as cleaners, trolley collectors and warehouse workers, are paid this rate.”

That said it would be interesting to see why Lidl has made this decision now. Clearly they feel it necessary to do so (interesting too that Lidl and Aldi are – whatever about Brexit – in the heart of a huge expansion in the UK). Public pressure, political pressure, whatever. Useful to pick that apart to see how it can be brought to bear on other companies.


1. NFB - November 22, 2019

Lidl and Aldi have always been careful, in my eyes, to cultivate an image of being the best “General Sales Assistant” employer going, better than Iceland or Supervalu or Centra or Tesco, through the better pay, the pathways to management, etc. I have no idea how well it works in practise, but as someone who worked for Tesco’s and throughly disliked the experience (I’ve never seen a business with so much staff turnover, that was considered absolutely acceptable), I’ve always found it interesting how Tesco’s never seems to bother much with even a facade of appearing to be good to workers.


WorldbyStorm - November 22, 2019

Yeah, that’s a definite point. Noticed that too re Tesco.


2. Joe - November 22, 2019

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