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A characterless administration December 2, 2019

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I was discussing with a friend the current government the other day. We were both commenting on how characterless it is – politically and otherwise. And we came to the conclusion that the only time it has shown any particular life has been in relation firstly to Brexit and Brexit adjacent issues, and secondly – rather distantly, in relation to social liberalisation. Otherwise it has been a bland administration. And perhaps that is what fed into the by-elections this weekend.

But even that is too kind because that blandness has concealed, albeit ineptly, a right-wing government of a sort not seen since the 1980s. It is difficult to fully compare that period with the contemporary one, for example the range of services are much greater now than then.

But in terms of the state taking a leading role in areas of economic and social activity there is a clear aversion, and one borne of ideology. In a way housing is but the most obvious, but it is replicated across a range of areas. I’ve mocked Fianna Fáil’s pretensions to social democracy, yet there is a deeper point that a mild social democracy does have a cachet that it has not for quite some time and I wonder is Fine Gael going to find that its position is one that will weaken it in the forthcoming General Election.


1. irishelectionliterature - December 2, 2019

Was talking to some non political people over the weekend about the by-election results. There was a consensus that government lacks talented Ministers and that most of them are useless. The choice for many on the Centre Right is FF or FG and both are heavily stained from their periods in Government. It is noticeable how FF didn’t do brilliantly in the two by-elections in Dublin.
I raised the housing issue and the Governments lack of action. It was pointed out that if NAMA had been used with a social aspect to it then the State would have much more housing stock available to tackle the problem. Instead it was used to allow vulture funds etc take a considerable stake in the Irish Housing market.

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WorldbyStorm - December 2, 2019

Yeah, and that’s a sort of perception that could really sink them both.


2. 1729torus - December 2, 2019

FG have chased every single rightwing cause under the sun as if it were the DUP since Leo Varadkar became leader. They’re losing core voters to the Greens as a result.

I don’t see how FG get back into the Taoiseach’s office once they’re kicked out, they look like they’re doomed to political marginalisation and decline.

The maximum vote for a strongly rightwing party is around 10%, and FG’s vote will slowly but surely go in that direction as long as FG continues on its current path.

In the past, FG could get away with pandering to the right because Labour would go into government with them anyway, but I don’t think SF would do the same.

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Joe - December 2, 2019

“I don’t see how FG get back into the Taoiseach’s office once they’re kicked out”

Unfortunately, they will get back. All they do is wait for one or max two FF-led governments, people get sick of the uselessness of those governments and so the people vote in the ‘alternative’ which in this case is an FG-led government. Simples. That’s the way it’s been all my life and no sign of it changing any time soon.

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1729torus - December 2, 2019

How many unhappy FF voters would defect to the Greens instead of FG?

Why would an FG-led government be an alternative instead of an SF-led one?

Who exactly going to go into government with FG in their current form? FF are only doing it now because of Brexit and they don’t want to look opportunistic. Labour are too small and probably too afraid of SF. The Greens hate FG for being climate laggards who refuse to fund public transport and cycle lanes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest party if other parties won’t support you.

As long as they keep chasing the far-right, FG will be in a similar situation to SF in 2016, with everyone else trying to keep their distance from them.

Now, SF are an anti-Establishment working-class party, so they aren’t too bothered by being isolated like this, but it’s still painful for them. FG would take it much worse.


Stan - December 2, 2019

Very easy to see FG voters going Green – they must be the least radical GP in Europe, Blueshirts on Bicycles for the most part.


3. EWI - December 3, 2019

The dirty work of the Thatcherite agenda here is steadily going on but out of public sight, masked by Quangos and blaming the EU/Dublin City Council/FF etc.

Symptoms such as the ongoing collapse of the Defence Forces as a viable organisation are seen, but the dots aren’t being connected by a ‘Labour’ party and certain trade unions, which are in reality fully signed up to neoliberalism. And god forbid the likes of FF under MM might take action.


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