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Wages December 3, 2019

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There’s so much else on it can be difficult to keep track of it, but there was this partly refreshing analysis on wages in this state from Cliff Taylor a week or so back in the IT where he notes that the median, not the average, wage is €592.60 weekly, which is about €30,000. And he draws the necessary conclusion:

So the first message from the figures is that there are a lot of people living on modest incomes. Of course many families have more than one income. And in the majority of cases, though not all, people work part-time because they choose to, not because they have to. But still, the average median income at under €600 a week is modest.

That’s not the whole story, the media is variable depending upon location with it slightly higher than €600 in Dublin and then well well below that at its lowest, in Donegal. Then there’s this:

The CSO data gives further insights. It shows that 28.7 per cent of people earn less than €400 a week. The biggest group – 39.4 per cent – earn between €400 and €800 a week. And the remaining 31.9 per cent earn over €800, including 6.5 per cent of earners who make over €1,600 a week, before tax.

That’s a huge percentage when one thinks about it on the less than €400 wage, close enough to a third of those working.

Another very useful insight:

And regionally, the cities appear to be recovering, but outside of them the situation can be very problematic.


1. EWI - December 3, 2019

And that’s before we get to the astonishing costs of living in Dublin. But not to fear, a bunch of new Green councillors lined out last night to defend the gifting of O’Devaney Gardens to a private developer (as well as that stupid whitewater-rafting thing).


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