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Now here’s a contrast… December 5, 2019

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One of the State’s most senior officials has said he would like to have the power to “manage out” underperforming civil servants by paying them off.Robert Watt, secretary general of the Department of Public Expenditure, told the Oireachtas finance committee he would like to be able to “move things on”, by reaching settlements with underperforming officials that would see them agree to leave the civil service.

And inevitably the private sector is mentioned:

He said the option was available to managers in the private sector, but it was difficult to deal with underperformance in the public sector.
“We have systems to reward people . . . but people who don’t perform, it’s very difficult,” he said.“It’s worth having a debate about it.”

But when it comes to another group of employees…

Asked about his view on the system which allows TDs to fob in but does not record the time at which they do so, and enables them to work elsewhere, Mr Watt was unwilling to comment, saying he would “probably be fired” if he did.
“I don’t have any views that I’m prepared to share publicly,” Mr Watt said when asked about the system that governs TDs expenses. “The clerk of the Dáil is the accounting officer for that.”


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