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At any other time an election game changer… but now? December 10, 2019

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Labour has accused Boris Johnson’s campaign of “lying and cheating” to try to distract attention from the prime minister’s insensitive reaction to a sick four-year-old boy forced to sleep on a hospital floor.With just days to go until polling day, the Tories suffered one of their worst days of the campaign as Johnson refused on camera to look at a picture of the poorly child and pocketed the phone of the reporter who tried to show it to him.The incident escalated when Matt Hancock, the health secretary, was dispatched to Leeds General Infirmary in an effort to show that the party was taking the case seriously. But Johnson’s team ended up trying to deflect the story on to Labour by wrongly briefing that a Tory aide was “punched” outside the hospital by a leftwing activist.

How much traction does this have? Ten years ago one can imagine it would have been something that would sink a sitting prime minister, I doubt I have to run through how various election events impacted on the last BLP PM, or how the media framed them. But now?


1. sonofstan - December 10, 2019

It’s a peculiar facet of the modern age that while, for some people, a few seconds of egregious behaviour caught on camera can change everything (thinking of the guy caught *allegedly* making monkey noises at Man U players at the weekend) for the like of Trump and Johnson, they can say or do anything, because their personae are premised on being “the kinds of guys (and it’s hard to think of a woman being offered similar latitude) who do that”. Noticeable that the tory papers all lead on the ‘look! over there!’ story about abolishing the license fee.
And speaking of the Beeb….. Laura Kuenssberg first reported the punch that wasn’t as having not happened at ‘Leeds Hospital’ and then amended it to ‘Leeds General’ when the hospital is known to all in West Yorks as ‘Leeds General Infirmary’ or LGI – I mean if she can’t get basic shit right….
Also bummed that this was all happening about 200m from my office window and I didn’t know until much later.


6to5against - December 10, 2019

+1 to al of that, SoS.

On a broader scale, I’d love to hear about how visible the election ii on the ground? Online, you’d get the impression of a febrile atmosphere, with non-stop door-to-door campaigning, huge rallies, a society about to blow up.

Does it feel like that in reality?


sonofstan - December 10, 2019

This is my first GE in Leeds, so not sure if the comparison with Wycombe, where I was for ’15 and ’17 is really doable: but it feels much more intense than last time. I’m in Leeds NW, which is a Lab/LibDem marginal – Alex Sobel took it for Labour in ’17, but the LDs are certainly in the race, and frankly appealing to Tories with a ‘stop Corbyn’ message. Lots of canvassing, lots of leaflets. Feels much more like an Irish GE than it ever did down south, but Steve Baker was a shoo-in then: not, apprently now, since Wycombe voted remain and it’s becoming more and more apparent that SB is a loon.

Interestingly, both Leeds NW and NE are represented by Jewish Labour MPs and NE, in particular, has a sizeable Jewish vote, so it’ll be interesting to see how the antisemitism charge plays out. Not hearing much about that on the ground.
Pudsey, on the outskirts of Leeds is a key marginal – a Tory majority of 300 and a strong Labour candidate. If Labour are to win, or at least not lose this election, they need to win there.


6to5against - December 10, 2019

Thanks SoS, Really interesting. Fills in the gaps.


Dermot M O Connor - December 10, 2019

Imagine if the police had been called on JC following a 999 call. They tory filth would never have shut up about it, running story after story about his dangerous attitude to women.

But it’s the Tory leader, so the BBC, Graun, Indo, Sky, Sun etc etc etc all drop it like a hot potato.

The BBC will give ‘Labour’ MP Ian whatshisname 10 mins on the news to tell labour voters to vote tory, but when John Major, Heseltine and Clarke tell tories to vote against the tories it barely gets a squeak.

All told it’s amazing that the latest two polls only show a 6 and a 7% tory lead.

The double standards and media bias is astonishing.

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Joe - December 10, 2019

Yeah. You know the way the Tories have tried from the very start to make this election all about Brexit. And Labour have been trying to make it about the NHS and education and housing and so on.
Well guess what Sky is calling it in its programme titles … the Brexit Election.

But fear not, brothers and sisters. Have faith in the innate common sense of the British working class. JezLabour will win.


Joe - December 10, 2019
Dermot M O Connor - December 10, 2019

Interesting comment / scenario by ‘Boffy’ on AVPS, recommending tactical voting for bourgeois parties to stuff the tories:


The truth is that, in this election there is next to no possibility that the Liberals are going to support a Tory government. Even the DUp are likely to desert the Tories, and are talking about supporting another referendum and backing Remain, because they realise that any possible Brexit will be devastating for Northern Ireland, and lead quickly to a United Ireland.

The Liberals will get no more than 35 seats, whilst the SNP are likely to get at least 50. The SNP have said they would back Labour, and so the Liberals would effectively also have to back Labour. I suspect the Tories will be the largest party (about 305-10), with Labour going backwards to around 230 seats. But, labour will be able to form a Minority government.

That will, however, happen only if there is widespread tactical voting. If not the tories will pick up Labour seats, as Remainers vote Liberal et al, or stay at home, and similarly the Liberals et al will fail to take Tory seats, because of a failure to think rationally, in those seats where others have the best chance.

Its not just a question of if you want to stop the Tories and stop Brexit voting tactically, but also if you want to get a Labour government of some sort. That is why John McDonnell is also arguing for such a course of action.


ar scáth a chéile - December 11, 2019

“The double standards and media bias is astonishing.”

its the type of situation that d have the OAS crying foul with the worlds liberal media in tow, if it happened in the Americas under a leftist government


sonofstan - December 11, 2019

Christ. Johnson in Pudsey first thing this morning pretending to deliver milk. Anything rather than answer questions.


2. irishelectionliterature - December 10, 2019

It’s been an incredible campaign. Johnson can literally do anything and get away with it.
Last night on Question Time someone asked Angela Rayner if Labour were going to Nationalise Sausages!!
It’s crazy stuff.

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6to5against - December 10, 2019

I saw that, and thought, ‘is there any point in conversation any more?’

But now that its been brought up, I always thought English Sausages were a bit poor: very fatty and not much flavour. Nothing like a good Irish sausage. Maybe this should be a political issue?

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Dermot M O Connor - December 10, 2019

Jesus! That’s straight out of Yes Prime Minister!
Save the British Banger!


3. tafkaGW - December 10, 2019

Part of the metastrategy of the right is to make distrust in politicians secular. And thus politics and the possibility of collective change becomes unimaginable.

So people end up at “let’s vote for someone slighly amusing. And Johnsonisms and Trumpisms are grist to that mill.

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EWI - December 11, 2019

Part of the metastrategy of the right is to make distrust in politicians secular. And thus politics and the possibility of collective change becomes unimaginable.

Not just in politicians, but in any State endeavour whatsoever.


Dermot M O Connor - December 11, 2019

The joke in the US is that the Republicans are the party who say that Government doesn’t work, then they get into power and prove it.

Of course the Dems are just as capable of offering pisspoor government, they at least pay lip service to the ideal.


4. Joe - December 10, 2019

Nah, it’s not a game changer. The Tories were destined to lose anyway. So this might make the JezLabour majority a little bigger, but that’s all.


5. roddy - December 10, 2019

The media up here made more of John Finucane pissing up an entry than the failings of any other candidate.

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6. CL - December 11, 2019

“In 2017 the MRP polling predicted Theresa May would lose her majority at a time when every other poll predicted the Tories would secure a big win.
But the latest prediction – hours before going to the polls – showed signs the Tory campaign is faltering. The majority is now more than half what was expected two weeks ago – this time down to 28.
The new figures put the Tories on 339 (-20), Labour on 231 (+20), Lib Dem on 15 (+2), Greens on 1 and SNP on 41 (-2).”


CL - December 11, 2019

“The poll suggests that several ‘red wall’ seats, which are traditionally held by the Labour party, will turn blue, including Bishop Auckland, Don Valley and Dudley North. But the narrowing of the polls suggests that Labour may be on course to gain two seats in London: Putney and Chipping Barnet, the latter represented by Theresa Villiers, the environment secretary.”


7. Jim Monaghan - December 11, 2019

So, in this election I will be voting against Brexit by voting for the Stoop Down Low Party, as it was sometimes disparagingly called (a long time ago). And I never thought I would do that.

It is necessary to vote against Brexit and necessary to have that vote carried forward into Westminster. It is justified also in order to weaken, however slightly, the most reactionary and sectarian major party in the North, the one that has thrown its weight behind Brexit and all the reactionary politics that that project encompasses. https://irishmarxism.net/2019/12/10/who-will-i-vote-for/?fbclid=IwAR16a7IAZLMKDjy8-KTOhXKrk5RMGk1IaRSt6Z2x_hffY9RqlUJpb-PiYek

Any views on this?


8. roddy - December 11, 2019

The SDLP candidate he is voting for is no friend of Corbyn and is almost Unionist in her views.


9. ar scáth a chéile - December 11, 2019

Mark Curtis (@markcurtis30) Tweeted:
Media search in all UK national press, last 3 months, number of articles covering:

“Corbyn and antisemitism” – 1,450
“Johnson and Islamophobia” – 164

“Corbyn and IRA” – 272
“Johnson and Yemen and war crimes” – 2

We are being played. https://twitter.com/markcurtis30/status/1203949403029069824?s=20


WorldbyStorm - December 12, 2019

Is that that surprising though? The media in the UK is bar a relatively small number of papers explicitly right wing. Indeed the only titles that aren’t at a national level we can list on the fingers of one hand so it follows that they will frame and/or see the world in right wing terms.


CL - December 12, 2019

“Imagine the collective denunciations of Corbyn had he been guilty of the racist and homophobic remarks attributable to Johnson: phrases such as “piccanninies”, “watermelon smiles” and “bumboys”. There’s a double standard here.
Johnson has not shown the slightest appetite to deal with the virulent Islamophobia that poisons the Conservative party…
The establishment has always hated radicals like Corbyn. And it’s determined to stop him….
It’s true that he opposed the three great foreign policy catastrophes of the 21st century: Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The damage done by Iraq to our national security was huge. Corbyn was right, while Johnson and the Tory party were enthusiasts for all three…
What about Yemen? …it has created the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of the century.
Johnson was the foreign secretary in the early stages of this conflict. He was uniquely well-placed, given that Britain was penholder at the United Nations and thanks to our alliance with Saudi Arabia, to avert the calamity. He didn’t lift a finger. Corbyn called for an end to arms sales to Saudi Arabia.”

” by 2015, the two main political parties in Westminster had reached a form of consensus both in terms of ideology and economics, and… both elements were fused in the politics of austerity. …Since becoming Labour leader, Corbyn has shattered that consensus….
The Corbyn movement…emerged as a living, grass-roots critique of elite politics as business-as-usual…
For this reason, the reaction of the political establishment to the Corbyn and the politics of ‘anti-austerity’ was inflamed to baying, hysterical proportions,…
Whereas you will never find a sexist, Islamophobic or anti-Semitic statement uttered by Jeremy Corbyn, Johnson, on the other hand, seems to have ‘Tourette’s for bigots’ syndrome…
When everything else is stripped away, what we are really witnessing is the ruthless, organised and systematic response on the part of the privileged to the possibility of an ‘anti-austerity’ form of politics which threatens their domination of the political machine and their ability to expand their economic power unfettered by any consideration for the society at large and any social good.”


Alibaba - December 12, 2019

This is so, so true.


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