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Unforced error… December 11, 2019

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Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Labour Shadow Cabinet member Jonathan Ashworth was, as Jeremy Corbyn, has said, indulging in ‘banter’. It’s an interesting premise because it raises questions, many many questions. For example: what is it about people these days that they seem oblivious to the fact that words will be used against them or those they represent, or that in the middle of a campaign those actually directly involved might be best not to reflect upon it with others whose political views are diametrically opposed? Or perhaps most obviously, that someone who is a Tory might not be quite the friend they claim to be.


1. Joe - December 11, 2019

Ashworth will be added to the list of fifth columnists, pessimists and defeatists which I am currently compiling.

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2. Dermot M O Connor - December 11, 2019

He’s angling for a job writing for the New Stateman perhaps?
Failing the Guardian/Indo would love to have him.


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