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What you want to say – 11th December 2019 December 11, 2019

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. EWI - December 11, 2019

DCC have reportedly, and without prior notice, shut down all public access to departments in Wood Quay this week (with the temporary exception of Housing and the South East Area Office). The citizens of Dublin (sorry, ‘customers’) are now being redirected to Customer Services.

So the barrier to getting actual services has been raised that little bit higher again for the ordinary Joe. And if it now no longer matters where the Civic Offices is based, will the whitewater rafting enthusiast now be giving up his prime real estate in the City Centre?


2. Joe - December 11, 2019

Can’t find Signs of Hope. The brother has been out canvassing for Labour in London these past few days.


3. Jim Monaghan - December 11, 2019

https://irishmarxism.net/2019/12/10/who-will-i-vote-for/?fbclid=IwAR16a7IAZLMKDjy8-KTOhXKrk5RMGk1IaRSt6Z2x_hffY9RqlUJpb-PiYek So, in this election I will be voting against Brexit by voting for the Stoop Down Low Party, as it was sometimes disparagingly called (a long time ago). And I never thought I would do that.

It is necessary to vote against Brexit and necessary to have that vote carried forward into Westminster. It is justified also in order to weaken, however slightly, the most reactionary and sectarian major party in the North, the one that has thrown its weight behind Brexit and all the reactionary politics that that project encompasses.


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4. CL - December 11, 2019

“Ireland has third highest quality of life in world, says UN report”

Leo Varadkar was thrilled….

Varadkar tweeted an article which detailed Ireland’s impressive ranking, adding the report was “worth reading” and “no country is without its problems but overall we’re doing pretty well”….

“the HDI simplifies and captures only part of what human development entails. It does not reflect on inequalities, poverty, human security and empowerment”….
the inequality dynamics appears to be more the outcome of policy choices and institutional arrangements….

‘The State We are In: Inequality in Ireland Today’, published by think tank Tasc, found “Ireland’s labour market structure predisposes it to high levels of inequality” and “an unusually high incidence of low pay”…

The cranes that can be seen all over Dublin, and the mass influx of American tech companies to the docklands, belie the reality that a significant proportion of the Irish population is at risk of poverty and has difficulty providing the basics to get by….

According to a study by Social Justice Ireland published in April, one in six people in the country, or 760,000 people, lives with an income below the poverty line. This number includes 230,000 children, who account for nearly 25pc of those living in poverty.”


5. kestrel - December 11, 2019

i e-mailed to ESB and the reply that came back could Not have been more ambiguous.
But, from that, i would consider that:- the ESB are being Shafted.
2.5 million (smart meter) times.
There just does not seem to be an ESB at all now anymore.
The consortium with the over E1billion contract to put in the over 2.5 million smart meters, are the real electricity Over-Lords now on this country?
The, over E1 billion contract, ‘Consortium’:- Granahan McCourt (connected to Warren Buffet), with 40 sub-contractors, Actavo, Kelly Group, KN Group (Denis O’Brien Actavo, formerly Siteserv, Sierra).
ESB don’t seem to have a prayer;
they are (and in the future, also, themselves, will be relying on “2G, like the mobile ‘phone”) to collect your information.
This (to me) has the Fianna Fail maulers all over it.
I know F.G. are in Govt., but only with the Fianna Fail nod, and wink.
(also, tbf, Leo V. is not in favour of the whitewater rafting place).
The Country, is, customers: of Fianna Fail, etc., etc.


6. Colm B - December 11, 2019

Just wanted to let comrades know that a great friend and comrade from Glasgow, John Herron, has passed away. John was a life-long socialist and trade-unionist, born and bred in the Gorbals, the heart of Irish working class Glasgow.
He fought for his class as a union organiser on the railways, a member of Militant and later the SSP. After the tragic early death of his wife and his retirement, he moved to Donegal where his parents had come from. There he restored an old railway storehouse at Lough Meela near Burtonport. Although it was supposed to be a guesthouse, the friends from Scotland often outnumbered the paying guests!
John generously provided the setting for meetings that contributed towards the setting up of the Campaign for an Independent Left one of the precursors of the United Left Alliance.
Many a night was spent round the big peat fire in the big sitting room of Johns house discussing the past experiences and future prospects of the left as well as John’s great store of tales from his life. John was always curious and open-minded, never orthodox. His youthful travels had given him an abiding interest in the struggles for socialism and freedom world-wide.
After a long illness John passed away in Glasgow last Sunday. He is mourned by his daughter and son and grandchildren and his many friends and comrades. His funeral will take place in Linn Crematorium, Glasgow at 12 on Saturday.


7. gypsybhoy69 - December 11, 2019

Cheers comrade, sorry to hear that thanks for letting us know. So soon after Sean Throne too. Had a couple of good trips to John’s place – was a real sanctuary. A really interesting character with interesting theories on German Green’s from what I can remember. It’s sure been a year of deaths comrade, hasn’t it, we must be getting old.


Colm B - December 11, 2019

Thanks comrade. Aye, I guess life is marching on.
Manys the long night of discussion we had in John’s house and some good walks as well (mostly to the Pub!). In fact I spoke to an old comrade of ours recently and he commented on how one long discussion in John’s house, with you and me, accompanied by a bottle of vodka, had a big impact on the his views about the dangers of parliamentarianism in a socialist party, long before a certain Scottish parliamentarian became a danger to a socialist party.

The Green Party thing sounds just like John, no matter where in the world you mentioned he was interested in what was happening with the left etc. Last time I heard from him, he wanted to talk to me about the situation in Ethiopia as he had just met someone from that country. Unfortunately I never got to have that chat.

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WorldbyStorm - December 12, 2019

Very sorry to hear that. Met John a couple of times in Dungloe in the mid-2000s and he once gave a crowd of us soup and rolls at his house. Had a few pints in his company and he was a mine of great stories about his days in Militant and after. A lovely person.

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Colm B - December 12, 2019

Thanks WBS. There was nothing he loved more than good company.
He really was an exemplary socialist: generous, thoughtful but unwavering in his commitment.

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8. Dermot M O Connor - December 12, 2019

Craig Murray on biased BBC coverage of election swings. Will be glad to have all this finally sorted tomorrow; sick of the whatifs and whereofs and pollstering.



dermot - December 12, 2019
9. Paddy Healy - December 12, 2019

New Economic Shock Coming as Corporation Tax to Plummet
Irish Times Leading Front Page Article:
Full Articles in Irish Times and Irish Examiner https://wp.me/pKzXa-18R
ESRI warns of €26bn hit to economy from corporation tax drop
Think tank says up to €6 billion of corporation tax receipts may be temporary
Eoin Burke-Kennedy, Irish Times: Today, December 12,
A sudden drop-off in corporation tax receipts could result in a €26 billion hit to the Irish economy and a “prolonged deterioration” in the Government’s finances, the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) has warned.
The think tank said as much as €6 billion of the Government’s €10 billion corporation tax base could be “temporary” and therefore posed a significant threat to the exchequer, echoing a similar warning from the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council last month.


10. pettyburgess - December 12, 2019


RISE continue arguing for the anti coalition left to put together a unified slate for the forthcoming election.


Jolly Red Giant - December 12, 2019

they would – wouldn’t they


pettyburgess - December 17, 2019

I missed this particular outburst at the time. You really can’t help yourself, can you? You can’t let an opportunity pass to leave a bad impression of your party. Maybe I’m overly optimistic but I like to think that the SP as a whole is better than you portray it.


11. CL - December 13, 2019

A review of Daniel Finn’s ‘Another Man’s Terrorist’

“In the case of the IRA, not only was the state they were up against one of the world’s one-time great colonial powers, the nature of some of their attacks opened them to charges of murder and terrorism. It can therefore be quite a challenge to frame the organization in purely political terms. When one adds the fact of the role the media has played in casting the IRA as a greater killer than the British Empire, Finn’s job in this text is remarkable.”


12. Alibaba - December 14, 2019

There’s an anti-racism rally going on in Dublin today and I’m heartened to see trade union involvement as well.



kestrel - December 15, 2019

I am not quite sure about that, I think it was organised (many weeks ago?) as a Freedom of Speech rally?
then, it happens, there was another rally, on the same day, and same location, to ‘Gather at the ‘festive season’ “to sing and eat mince-pies” ‘ of mainly of government-funded (paid) organisations.
So, the govt. sent out it’s foot-soldiers?
To aid the Govt. to bring in dubious legislation?


Alibaba - December 16, 2019

Yes, it is true to say a rally was organised and advertised some weeks ago around ‘Freedom of Speech’. The anti-immigrant views of some organisers showed no concern for the freedom of speech of certain people, let alone their right to reside in this country. That’s why it attracted a counter demonstration to challenge it. It was a legitimate exercise in my view. As for ‘government-funded (paid) organisations’ involvement as ‘foot-soldiers’ aiding the government ‘to bring in dubious legislation’, those arguments don’t hang together for me.

We do need legislation to protect people against the ill-effects of hate speech. Ireland has a progressive record on equality legislation which prohibits discrimination on nine separate grounds. To which we should add a hate speech and class dimension. That’s why I welcomed the participation of trade unions at the demonstration. They have the resources and determination to send out messages loud and clear and to aid us in getting legislation that can deliver fairness to one and all.


pettyburgess - December 17, 2019

Echoing deliberately deceptive far right talking points there, Kestrel, where racist organising is presented as “free speech” and those who oppose racism become dupes of a sinister state conspiracy.


13. GearóidGaillimh - December 15, 2019

Roy Johnson has died. RIP.


CL - December 15, 2019

Do you mean Roy Johnston?


GearóidGaillimh - December 15, 2019
WorldbyStorm - December 15, 2019

Ah, sorry to hear that.


14. CL - December 16, 2019

““At a time when the science and the urgent need to address the human toll of climate impacts couldn’t be clearer, the deeply flawed outcome here in Madrid is plainly unjust and immoral. Instead of stepping up to respond to the demands from youth, indigenous people and climate vulnerable communities around the world, major emitters and rich countries have failed them. And despite hearing powerful calls to action from nations fighting for their very existence, the richest countries most responsible for climate change have done little to provide funding to help them in their time of need….
those in power remain beholden to the very fossil fuel corporations driving this global emergency, much to the detriment of the people they are bound to serve”

“In late 2020, all eyes will be on the UK, as it hosts COP26, the most important international climate summit since Paris in 2015”


15. tafkaGW - December 16, 2019

I can’t for the life of me work out when we get rid of the 36 UK MEPs from the Tories, Brexit Party, DUP, UKIP etc. who consistently vote with the right and extreme right.

Is it after the Withdrawal Agreement goes through? Or do we have to wait a further 3 to four years until the future arrangements are agreed. ‘Get Brexit done’, my arse.

This here seems to suggest we’ll see the back of them at the time of withdrawal, Ireland will get two more MEPs, but I’m not 100% sure.



Miguel62 - December 16, 2019

They go once the Withdrawal Agreement takes effect end-January 2020. The UK is no longer an EU memberstate at that point and its MEPs and Commissioner (if they had appointed one) automatically lose office. I presume the same applies to their judges on the ECJ and the CFI but I haven’t seen anything definite on this.

It’ll be quite a reduction in income for the Dodds family! Small comfort but stlll…


sonofstan - December 16, 2019

Nigel and possibly Diane will be co-opted as MLAs I think.


tafkaGW - December 16, 2019

Thanks Miguel. That’s a relief. I had visions of still paying for the useless bollixes until the UK has gone through it’s series of hissy-fits about a trade agreement and finally flounced off.


16. roddy - December 16, 2019

Very interesting interview with new SF TD Mark Ward in todays Irish Mirror where he tells about being homeless for 6 months and among other things being diagnosed at one stage with MS.


CL - December 16, 2019

““The policies put in place by the Government over the years have led to this. Those policies were not accidental. There were put there so that the market would go the way it is, and push the cost of everything up.
It is deliberate and it is designed. They know exactly what they are doing. The over-reliance on the private market does not work, not in relation to housing.”-Mark Ward.


Alibaba - December 16, 2019

The power of the personal story never ceases to amaze me and as Mark Ward implies the government lets the market rip on housing. 


17. CL - December 16, 2019

““I want to congratulate Boris Johnson on a terrific victory. I think that might be a harbinger of what’s to come in our country. It was last time,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office….
Trump also described Johnson as a “friend” and predicted the election results would be a “great thing” for the U.S. in terms of trade.
It’s going to be a great thing for the United States also, because it means a lot of trade. A tremendous amount of trade. They want to do business with us so badly,” Trump said. “Under the European Union, it was very, very hard for them to do business with us.”

“Donald Trump’s comments calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States makes him “unfit” to be President, Boris Johnson has said.
The Mayor of London went further than fellow Tories David Cameron and George Osborne in condemning his remarks on Wednesday, saying the Republican presidential candidate’s remarks revealed a “stupefying ignorance”. …
“I would invite him to come and see the whole of London and take him round the city, except I wouldn’t want to expose any Londoners to any unnecessary risk of meeting Donald Trump,” Mr Johnson said. ”

“Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg has described Jeremy Corbyn’s crushing defeat as a “canary in the coal mine” for the Democrats as the party gears up for 2020 election….
“I think it’s sort of a catastrophic warning to the Democratic Party to have somebody that can beat Donald Trump and that is not going to be easy. Americans want to change, but I think they don’t want revolutionary change — they want evolutionary change.”


18. CL - December 17, 2019

“THE government has watered down a promise to enshrine workers’ rights and environmental safeguards in law while the Brexit Bill is being prepared to be reintroduced in Parliament this week.”

That ‘One-Nation’ Toryism didn’t last very long.


tafkaGW - December 17, 2019

Yep, of course.

And ‘Brexitania – Drama Queen of the North Atlantic’ deadlines are back. So predictable.


Joe - December 17, 2019

Listen, lads and lasses. I made a deal with the missus that we’d ban all talk of Brexshit and British politics in general sine die. No BBC News, no more Newsnight or Sky. Time to stop looking and listening immediately east.
It’s their business. Let them get on with it.

Who’s for the same on CLR?


CL - December 17, 2019

Except that ‘their business’ is having significant effects on our,i.e. Irish business.

But, is Coveney interfering in British affairs?

“Legislation proposed by British prime minister Boris Johnson to outlaw any extension of the next phase of Brexit negotiations past 2020 has been described as “strange” by Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney.”


19. Paddy Healy - December 17, 2019

Bertie Ahern got it right in an interview on Newstalk yesterday. He gave the following explanation for Labour Party losses in the old industrial cities and towns of the English midlands and north. He said employment in old industries in these areas had plummetted from 8 million to 2 million in that region. Though they had backed Labour for decades , Labour did not deliver anything for them. So they decided to give the right wing-Boris Johnson a try.

Paddy Healy: Similar transfers of allegiance took place in Germany in the lead up to Hitlers victory. Already, millions who had previously voted for the French Socialist Party and the Communist party are voting for the party of Marine Le Pen
When capitalism moves into crisis, electoral and parliamentary methods alone are not sufficient to protect workers interests. As Ali Baba has agreed in a post, mass mobilisation against right wing measures is required. This gives workers self confidence and makes them less vulnerable to right wing demagogues.
Blair let down the workers. Left talking social democrats who do not organise mass strikes and demonstrations to protect past worker gains are understandibly unsupported by workers who are threatened

Neverteless, if Jeremy Corbyn is replaced by a Blairite it will be a setback. I have always had considerable regard for Jeremy because of his principled support for a British withdrawal from Ireland. Also , at request of the H-Block Trade Union Comittee , he organised a meeting of MPs in the house of Commons on the plight of the prisoners, at which I spoke. This was very welcome at the time.


20. Paul Culloty - December 17, 2019

I see George Galloway has launched yet another party:


WorldbyStorm - December 17, 2019



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