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A part of the reason but what is the solution? December 13, 2019

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Aditya Chakrabortty in the Guardian had an excellent analysis here of one cohort of leave voters who knew that Brexit wouldn’t achieve anything but felt so distanced from political activity and isolated that any sort of protest was worth making. Given the results it is difficult to disagree with them.

In one of the country’s biggest leave-voting regions, most people in this room had voted for the promises of Brexit, and yet had zero faith in them. They would believe the lying £350m bus, but not its fibbing, blond frontman. They accepted how bad things were, but they didn’t imagine for a minute that politicians would make it better.

As Chakrabortty asks:

How do voters respond to that, especially those who have done least well out of the past decade? They tune out. Earlier this year I went door-knocking round a Northumberland housing estate with Jamie Driscoll, Labour North of Tyne mayor, and in what is called Labour’s heartland the most common response was: “I don’t follow politics”, followed by the slamming of a door. One canvasser remarked: “Policy doesn’t matter here. They’ve forgotten what government can do.” If there’s one statement Labour should take to heart after this election, it’s that.


1. Jim Monaghan - December 13, 2019

https://lordashcroftpolls.com/2019/12/labour-support-solidifies-as-expectations-grow-of-a-tory-win-my-final-election-dashboard/#more-16353 “Voters think a Conservative government led by Boris Johnson would do a better job than a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn when it came to protecting Britain’s national security (by 28 points), Britain’s standing in the world (by 18 points), getting the right outcome on Brexit (by 16 points), dealing effectively with crime (by 13 points) the economy and jobs, immigration (both by 10 points), and setting taxes at the right level (by just 2 points).

Labour under Corbyn is thought likely to do a better job on the NHS and public services (by 15 points), improving living standards for most people (by 12 points), protecting the environment (by 10 points), creating a happier society (by 8 points) and improving opportunities (by 2 points).

Labour Leave voters think the Conservatives would do better on Brexit, national security, Britain’s standing in the world and immigration – but, by wide margins, that Labour would do better in all other areas we asked about.” It boiled down in large part to the Britsih type of Trumpism, Make Britain great again. What patriot would refuse to take a cut in his/her dole for that great end. Oh from the usually spot on https://lordashcroftpolls.com/2019/12/labour-support-solidifies-as-expectations-grow-of-a-tory-win-my-final-election-dashboard/#more-16353
I am very depressed.


2. Phil - December 13, 2019

Over and over again I heard variants of “you can’t trust any of them – look at Brexit”. What puzzles me about the result is that most of the people saying these things said they weren’t going to vote – and I can’t remember hearing a single person say anything positive about the Tories. Also, lots of people were talking about not voting Labour because of Corbyn, but very few of them with any passion – I really thought that when it came to it, alone in the polling booth, they’d stick to their old loyalty. How wrong you can be.


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