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Anti-racism rally outside LH December 14, 2019

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An anti-racism rally is under way outside Leinster House in Dublin.The ‘Rally for Peace on Earth – Against the Politics of Hate’ is partly in response to “small groups of anti-immigrant agitators”, according to the union Fórsa, one of the organisations involved in the demonstration.Pippa Woolnough of the Immigrant Council of Ireland said there had been an increase in populist and anti-immigrant sentiment in public discourse over the past 12 to 15 months.”We want to show there is no room for hate or ‘othering’ in our society” she said.Other groups involved include SIPTU, Unite and Mandate unions as well as a number of anti-racism groups.

Impressive looking.


1. Alibaba - December 14, 2019

It seems the Irish Freedom Party protestors complained about not having their “space” outside LH and framing it in a ‘freedom of speech’ way. When they unfurled a strarry plough banner, this provoked some 32 County republicans to object allegedly with the use of sticks. Three of them were arrested, though I doubt they will be held for long. Great to see demos and counter demos. Long may it live.


roddy - December 14, 2019

The Irish freedom party stood in my constituency of Mid Ulster and amassed the grand total of 690 votes.

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2. irishelectionliterature - December 16, 2019

Was there for a while on Saturday. Although well outnumbered it was horrible to see such a crowd of fascists on the streets. Sad too the number of young people among them.


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