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Star Trek beyonds… December 14, 2019

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Sad to hear of the passing of two Star Trek luminaries, first the remarkable D.C. Fontana, the first female writer on the series in the 1960s, who developed Spock. She died at 80 and had a remarkable and varied career, being a trailblazer for women in writing for television. My favourite of hers on TOS is probably… and no surprise to discover that she worked on many other shows subsequently, including the near peerless Babylon 5. She was also a lecturer at the American Film Institute until this very month.

The death of René Auberjonois represents another loss to those involved in Star Trek. His work on Deep Space Nine as the character Odo certainly lifted that show considerably, and I’d hazard ultimately was one of the building blocks in making it in some way the most complex, even sophisticated, Star Trek series.


1. EWI - December 14, 2019

My favourite of hers on TOS is probably…


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2. GearóidGaillimh - December 15, 2019

Robert Walker who played Charlie Evans in TOS episode Charlie X died this month as well.


WorldbyStorm - December 15, 2019

I saw that, I guess it makes sense given the time between TOS and now.


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