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Films for 2020 December 28, 2019

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Reading this list in the Irish Times of upcoming releases what was striking was the lowish number of superhero films – bar the likeable Wonder Woman 1984, Birds of Prey from DC as well and Black Widow . Actually, there will be a few more that didn’t make that list. No bad thing that. Quality, not quantity.

A few interesting ones in there – Christopher Nolan has his ups and downs but Tenet looks, interesting.

The Color out of Space, a take on HP Lovecraft’s story with Cage could be great or appalling. There’s a documentary about Phil Lynott in there, and Lynott a fascinating character deserves one.

A remake of Rebecca, no less, wending its way to us. Bond returns, with Daniel Craig’s last outing – some would say about time. Macbeth with Frances McDormand and Denzel Washington. Another Ghostbusters film albeit one that veers sharply away from the recent enough reimagining. And Bombshell which studies sexual harassment at Fox and has a stellar cast including Theron, Robbie and Kidman.

And some real superheroes. Bill and Ted are back. 30 odd years after their last appearance. Keeanu Reeves. How does he do it?

Any others catch people’s eyes?


1. Starkadder - December 28, 2019

I see they’re trying to do “Dune” on the big screen again. At least this one has Charlotte Rampling as Gaius Helen Mohiam,

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roddy - December 28, 2019

Am I the only one who is still stuck in the 70s as far as films are concerned.Watched 2 films over Christmas – “the sting” and “the magnificent seven”!


WorldbyStorm - December 28, 2019

Both fantastic films. 70s films are my favourite period of film-making. Some 40s and 50s films as well. And early 1990s.


CL - December 28, 2019


2. Alibaba - December 28, 2019

I was thinking good riddance to superhero films. Didn’t Martin Scorsese make a withering attack on these films in a New York Times article as merely glorified theme-park rides devoid of any artistry and humanity and even suggesting they were on the way out. Wrong. According to this:

‘Sorry Scorsese, but the Marvel (and DC and Sony) films aren’t showing any signs of stopping.’


WorldbyStorm - December 28, 2019

Yeah, it keeps on keeping on. Not my go-to genre by a long shot.


EWI - December 29, 2019

Marvel appear to be taking a short break after the end of their Avengers movies (I see their new superhero ensemble thing, ‘The Eternals’, features ex-GOT stars).

And DC’s accountants presumably are calling a stop to throwing good money after bad. The Gil Gadot Wonderwoman franchise is the only popular part, and unfortunately seems set to lean in to certain Middle Eastern tropes popular in Hollywood.


3. omadain - December 29, 2019

The Color Out of Space is my favourite Lovecraft story so I’ll give it a shot – wasn’t aware of the film. Encouraging reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.


omadain - December 29, 2019

GearóidGaillimh here BTW, come up under a different username on my mobile for some reason.


WorldbyStorm - December 29, 2019

I think it’s a WordPress glitch. Is it okay – I can try to change it if you want.

Just re Lovecraft, came to him very late in the day but something impressively creepy about his vision(s). There’s a fair bit of problematic stuff but some of the stories have this capacity to hook in…


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