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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Gershon Kingsley December 28, 2019

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Gershon Kingsley died recently aged 97. A pioneer of Elecronic music he was probably best known for the somg “Pop Corn” which is credited as being the first Electronic hit single. His instrument of choice was a Moog synthesizer



1. WorldbyStorm - December 28, 2019

Class This Weekend IEL! Popcorn is a crazy track. In the Gaeltacht in 1979 (and 1980, and 1981!) they had what they laughably called discos. Pretty much any instrumental track (mostly b-sides) would wind up being played at them, I can still remember Popcorn, though whether it was in a later rerecorded version I’m not sure. Not sure I’m mad keen on the popcorn synth sound but take that out and it’s way ahead of its time.

It was in fairness an excellent Gaeltacht where kids were sent home for speaking full sentences in English and I learned a fair bit of Irish to actually speak. But those ‘discos’… shudder.

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