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Christmas Holidays… December 29, 2019

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Cycling into work down North Strand on Friday before Christmas I arrived at the Five Lamps to find only two other cyclists there. Now usually there’d be ten, sometimes double that number, and on occasion two abreast. Going further into the city it was noticeable how few cyclists, actually how few people, were about.

And I figure part of that was schools closing, but another was due to people starting their holidays. I used to work in a place where – because it was linked to construction, it took the best part of a week and a half and a little more off at Christmas. There was no choice in the matter and what one gained at Christmas one lost the rest of the year.

Are some people taking longer holidays at Christmas? Anecdotally I’m hearing a lot of people I know who finished up yesterday. I know this isn’t true for everyone, having worked in retail that’s one area that goes on, particularly with sales and so on. And essential services and likewise. But I do like the idea of longer holidays in general, it’s part of a left programme, along with a four day week and a rebalancing of life and work. So is it sort of happening informally in some limited way, and if so how do we ensure every working person gets the same benefit?


1. Pangurbán - December 29, 2019

It may be compulsory shutdowns whereby employers close up over the Christmas new year period: some people like to go in the because workload is quite


2. alanmyler - December 30, 2019

When I worked in England after college I’d be home for Christmas / New Year, then when I came back to Dublin the place I worked closed between the two, then I moved job to a place that opened those days and after going in one year I swore I’d never do it again. These days I usually save up enough holidays to take off a couple of days before Christmas and start back after new years. It’s a much needed mid Winter break, definitely helps chill out and refresh the batteries, a mix of family get togethers, cycles and hikes (Djouce yesterday), shopping, reading (today), and all the things it’s hard to find time for when you’re working. And this year we’re all going to visit the in-laws in London this weekend so it’ll be an extra long break, although I do have to go back on Thursday this week but I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing little enough that day. Anyhow as you say it should be definitely part of any Left program, a long holiday in winter and summer, and at most a 4-day work week, reducing as workers age to still keep them involved but gradually passing on the workload to younger entrants to the workplace and allowing time for knowledge to be passed over as required.

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WorldbyStorm - December 30, 2019


I’ve never quite understood why some people hate the Christmas holidays – sure, the days themselves, they can be absurdly pressurised and Iv’e long since given up any interest in New Years Eve as a date as such, but having that break you refer to is great.

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alanmyler - December 30, 2019

Completely agree about new year’s eve, I’ve been going to bed early that night for the past few years, just not into it at all.


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