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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… December 29, 2019

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One shining example:

Once upon a time, back in 1998, the Irish people listened to its better angels and generously supported the Good Friday Agreement.
In spirit, the GFA said we would stop tormenting Northern Protestants about a united Ireland until they showed they wanted unity.

We? Tormenting? Speak for yourself…


1. EWI - December 29, 2019

Obviously enough, the GFA said no such thing, ‘in spirit’ (Harris’s revisionist take on the thing) or not.

The man really has been a one-note-wonder for fifty years.


WorldbyStorm - December 29, 2019

What I find very concerning, and I agree entirely btw with your point – the idea of parity of esteem or working the GFA/BA dispensation to pursue entirely legitimate political goals whether unionist or republican eludes him, is that this stuff is given a platform and otherwise seemingly intelligent people have over the years bought into it. And it sets up a nice little self-referencing echo chamber where this becomes an accepted narrative.

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Alibaba - December 29, 2019

Some people take the view that Harris, Dudley Edwards and others are having a field day trying to revive revisionism again and they are best ignored. I disagree. It is necessary to counter their narrative, especially when it comes in a widely read newspaper and gets echoed elsewhere.


2. benmadigan - December 29, 2019

“In spirit, the GFA said we would stop tormenting Northern Catholics/Nationalists/Republicans about the Union, even the Castle Catholics who said they wanted it.”

Fixed that for Eoghan.

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3. Starkadder - December 31, 2019

A bonkers one from Melanie Philips in today’s issue of The Times:

In the wake of the Second World War, a group of Marxist thinkers known as the Frankfurt School decided that the Holocaust and the rise of Nazism resulted from the use of authority, which they confused with authoritarianism ..This school of thought set about undermining the West’s moral and cultural codes….This produced the permissive society, leading into multiculturalism, identity politics & victim culture.

I imagine Anders Behring Breivik would approve.


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