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Left Archive: The Troops Must Go! Pamphlet – Socialist Workers, 1994 December 30, 2019

Posted by leftarchivist in Irish Left Online Document Archive.

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This document from the SWP from 1994 is a short but concise overview of their perspective on the the twenty fifth anniversary of the arrival of British troops on the streets of Northern Ireland.

It notes:

At 5pm on August 14th, 1969, British troops were ordered onto the streets of Derry. The next day it was the turn of Belfast. A Whitehall spokesperson said they would be out by the weekend. A quarter of a century they are still there.

It examines the Civil Rights marches, the role of the British Army in Northern Ireland, Collusion and it has a section ‘The Army Against Workers’. It examines and criticises the role of the IRA – ‘after twenty years of armed struggle it is clear that the Provo’s campaign has won nothing for most Catholics’.

It continues to call for Troops Out and argues in its conclusion in favour of The Socialist Solution.


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