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This Weekend I’ll Mostly be Listening to… Tracks and music of 2019 January 4, 2020

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Not a fantastic year, at least in my book. I’m still using emusic despite its diminishing selection, and granted some gems appear there. But bandcamp is as useful in finding new music. And old music, as always remarkable how many groups continue to put out interesting albums, even well into their careers.

So here’s a selection of stuff I really liked, mostly tracks, though all the albums these are drawn from, where applicable, are worth a listen in my opinion.

All your lists and recommendations very welcome.

Monoloc – Mufon
Mentioned before – fantastic atmospheric techno.

Pye Corner Audio – Descent
Close to, but not quite the same, as hauntology, and on the Ghostbox Label.

Quadratschulz – Opportunity Cost
IDM updated, or reworked for the 2010s.

The Utopia Strong – Konta Chorus
A sort of prog-rock/electronica supergroup which features Kavus Torabi, Michael J. York and Steve Davis, yes, that Steve Davis. Saw them live in Whelans last night. Fantastic.

Priests – The Seduction of Kansas
Political, feminist, and cracking tunes.

Oh Baby – Part of the 80’s
Also mentioned before, pop music but not quite.

Hawklords – One Way Trip
They just keep going – an album a year, this spin-off from Hawkwind has across the 2010s carved out its own unique identity in the space rock area.

Goodbye Ivan – Comptine POL Remix
I like the original album by Goodbye Ivan, but I also like the remixes. Particularly this one.

Galactic Protector – Space Year 1422

Fontaines D.C. – Too Real
Have to have an Irish band, and this is pretty excellent. Given their tickets sell out in seconds flat I’ve no hope about seeing them any time soon. They’re like a cross between The Fall, Cathal Coughlan’s solo output, particularly Fatima Mansions (on the vocals, albeit with a Dublin rather than a Cork accent) and a hint of Joy Division. Which is just fine in my book.

Freeloader – The Thing To Do
A spin-off from perhaps the best AC/DC like band that isn’t AC/DC, that is the late lamented Upper Crust! Nat Freedberg’s Freeloader is a weird little sleaze-rock offering with some fine songs.

Ex Hex – Good Times
Not an album I warmed to, unlike their remarkable first one from years back, but a great track.

Deepchord – Garden
On one of a series of De:tuned EPs (DE:10:02) released this year as a celebration of the label this is mighty fine ambient techno. Can’t work out whether it is new or an old track reworked. Either way, excellent.

Bob Mould – Sunny Love Song
He just keeps on going. Effortless.

Apex Manner – Where My Mind Goes
Not sure how I found this, but there’s a weird blend of Grandaddy style American indie with more shoe gaze inflected sounds. A lot to like.

The Coathangers – Hey Buddy
Great angry feminist rock.

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – Líneas en Hojas
Mexican psych shoe gaze that is going on their most recent album in adventurous and noisy territory. But not noisy as in shoe gaze, more noisy as in post-punk.

Linda Guilala – Mucho Mejor (remixed by Soft Regime)
Very fine, as is the original, and from Elefant Records

Hawkwind – 65 Million Years Ago
I guess one could have a dinosaur joke in there. But the great survivors survive.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Tides IV
An instrumental album of soothing near-ambient.

Robyn Hitchcock/ Andy Partridge – Planet England
Mentioned before, and still one of the great tracks of the year.

Sobrenadar – Cruce (Mark Peters Remix)
Have to throw this in, not least due to the way in which Mark Peters has reworked the song.

Tone Depth – Free
I just like this.

Haav – Under
And this too!

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – Disco Pink Lade Lemonade

Squalls of feedback, garage-rock, psychedelia and so on. And all that in one track, lasting many minutes long! Actually every time I hear them I think one track, any track is probably just about enough. But what a track! Okay, the version I was listening to isn’t actually this one above although both were recorded the same time, though the one I particularly like was released this year. Whereas the one above was released in 2017. Does it matter? Probably not. On to 2020.


1. Polly - January 4, 2020

He’s not new-new news but he had an album out in Nov 2019 and it’s v good – Michael Kiwanuka. https://youtu.be/CC-fHfmNLkg

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WorldbyStorm - January 4, 2020

Appreciate the link. I think any music from any source, whether the source is old or new, that is new is encompassed by the above. Actually I’d have a completely separate post again for old stuff not released in 2019 that I listened to or caught up with!


2. Stan - January 4, 2020

THis year for me was as much about the ‘how’ as the ‘what’ when it came to music consumption. Living, most of the time, in one place, with my records and CDs – and the means to play them – in another, I eventually succumbed to a streaming service: mostly to drown out the noise of airports and trains. As a consequence, I probably spent less on recorded music than at anytime since my very early teens.

For the most part, though, live music filled the gap. Leeds has a range of venues that leaves Dublin standing, and it’s much cheaper to go out in. Added to that, because rent pressure in the city centre is nothing like as intense, venues and pubs can afford to take chances: they don’t need to be full of manic drinkers all the time. Plus, the licensing laws allow for temporary and personal licenses, meaning pop-ups and one offs can serve drink. Even as a long term non-drinker, I can see the benefits of a liberal licensing regime.

Joint best of the year: seening the Mekons in their ‘home’ time after a gap of 20+ years. On fine form, rocking like bad things, and ridiculously funny, it was a tribute to the virtues of keeping on keeping on without becoming your own tribute act. Promoted by John Keenan, the same guy who promoted the first gig I ever saw in Leeds, the Futurama fest in 1979. He also promoted the Mekons first ever show at the Fenton, which still exists.

The other great show was Fat White Family – saw them twice, but the earlier one, in May at the Brudenell was the killer – first time I’ve been in a moshpit in a long time, and quite enjoyed it…. the Fat Whites have an edge – they read, and translate that into vicious class hatred and pride that you don’t hear much anymore. Lias Saouidi, the singer, is mixed race Yorkshire and Algerian and grew up in Cookstown, which gives him certain insights lacking in the likes of Ed Sheeran. Serfs Up was my album of th eyear, not that I’ve much to campare it with (see above)

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WorldbyStorm - January 4, 2020

That’s great to catch up with the Mekons. Saw a set of theirs on YouTube a few weeks ago that was brilliant (and a Three Johns one which was likewise). In fairness to Dublin there are a lot more groups coming than there used to be, even twenty years ago. But then again somewhere like Leeds doubtless has more of a network, and as you say rent pressures etc play a massive part.

Fat White Family I’ll have to catch up with. Sounds amazing.

Re streaming. Just can’t do it (yet). I stilll love the filtering effect of subscription models (and lack of money to buy each and every album I’d like) and I’ve got to admit I like owning the music I listen to. Capitalist roader that I am.


Stan - January 4, 2020

Re streaming – a temp measure and I don’t even use it that much. Read a really interesting book called Spotify Teardown by a posse of Swedish researchers that tries to work out exactly what it is – conclusion: only peripherally a music business org, really a vehicle for attracting greater and greater investment with each re-financing round. They’ve made virtually no profit, but the notion of all those hundreds of millions of subscribers is capitalist catnip in the attention economy – even if the investors don’t quite know what to do with all those fragments of attention. The book also casts doubt on Spotify’s ‘Swedishness’, seeing it as a useful tool to lean on the Swedish govt. and Stockholm city authorities to re-zone to suit its employeees etc. – somewhat familiar?

Re the 3 Johns- there was, until recently, a great painting by John Hyatt in Leeds City Gallery, an allegory of capital and labour…. was a nice shock to come across it.

And yes, Dublin seems alive again, and I’ve been asked more than once by students if I know the Fontaines/ Murder Capital etc. Basking in reflected cool 🙂

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WorldbyStorm - January 4, 2020

I like Hyatt’s artwork, so that’s heartening to hear. I’ll try to get hold of that book.

That’s depressing re streaming – and I’ve heard similar stuff and not been entranced by it.

Haha, reflected cool!


3. yourcousin - January 4, 2020


4. yourcousin - January 4, 2020

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5. yourcousin - January 4, 2020

Keeping my horizons broad into 2020 with my picks.

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6. Lamentreat - January 5, 2020

That Utopia Strong thing is epic!


WorldbyStorm - January 5, 2020

Isn’t it just?

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7. gypsybhoy69 - January 6, 2020

Heard Fontaines DC were playing Iveagh Gardens and went at last I’ll get to see them play live and then saw the date they’re playing and went oh f**k as I’ve already got Specials tickets for the same date. I’m sure I’ll get to see them sometime but as I’ve never seen the Specials live I’m not too disappointed.
Even thought I was 50 last year I had a silly fan moment last year in Dublin airport. Saw Fontaines about to queue for check in and herself encouraged me to go over and say hello. I’d been raving about them for months. So over I popped and got a couple of pictures with them. Have to say lovely bunch of lads, hope they stay that way.


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