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The 8th of February January 14, 2020

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Uncategorized.

Polling Day.
Good to see an election on a Saturday, hopefully it will increase turnout, less disruption too with no schools needing to be closed for polling.
Hopefully the issues with new voters on the Electoral Register will be sorted too before polling day.


1. Stan - January 14, 2020

Are the Healy-Raes going for a full house in Kerry?


irishelectionliterature - January 14, 2020

Just the two of them running.


Joe - January 14, 2020

The taller lad might struggle? I’ll have an in-depth profile of Kerry up in the next few days. The coming Civil War centenary could lead to a fraught campaign down there.

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2. Jim Monaghan - January 14, 2020

“They are sure that “I got our constituency a new stadium” is a vote-winner, but “I got free school books for our kids” is not.” Says it all. https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/fintan-o-toole-will-election-2020-be-another-story-of-cynical-politics-and-patronage-1.4138535


Joe - January 14, 2020

Yep. There’s been a mini-tsunami of funding announcements in the last few days. There’s money for everything. Get in while you can!


3. pettyburgess - January 14, 2020

Not the usual poster rush today as far as I can see, despite Varadkar’s own team jumping the gun. Presumably it will get into gear later tonight and tomorrow.


Joe - January 14, 2020

Donohoe and Duffy of FG were up the poles in Phibsboro at teatime. They look well together on the poster. Joe Costello of Labour was the only other poster I saw.
Does it matter who gets their posters up first? I’d say it’s as much about boosting morale of the canvassing teams and getting off to a good start as anything.


Pasionario - January 15, 2020

I can’t think of any other country where posters play such a prominent role. I wonder is there any evidence that they work?


Tomboktu - January 15, 2020

The best jumping the gun was Kevin Humphreys, who put up precisely two posters on Merrion Steet, one on each lamppost either side of the gates to Government Buildings, where they would be in-shot for film crews and photographers recording the comings and goings at the end of the cabinet meeting.

RTÉ made a short film on him putting them up and Dublin City Council cutting them down.

(By the end of the day, Jim O’Callaghan’s posters has replaced them.)


Joe - January 15, 2020

Yeah. Fair play to Humphreys. He got on the telly and the internet. Clever.


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