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Socialist Voice from the CPOI January 15, 2020

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1. Jim Monaghan - January 15, 2020

https://socialistvoice.ie/2020/01/nationalism-progressive-or-reactionary/ Very abstract. No mention of the concept that the nationalism of an oppressed nation has a progressive aspect, as opposed to that of an oppressor nation. Given that elements in the British Labour Party are bending to so-called “Progressive” nationalism, I would have thought it worth a discussion. Then, of course, Brexit is based on the idea that Britain/England is some kind of oppressed nation.

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WorldbyStorm - January 15, 2020

“We must be honest and open about this strategy. It does not mean calling for Ireland to leave the EU, as we have to be conscious of the subjective conditions that exist and the general levels of political class-consciousness, which are extremely low at the present time in Ireland. But a demand for nationalisation or public investment, for example, should make clear the conflict with the EU and the possibility that leaving it will be required in order to implement a programme of rights and welfare for the people of Ireland. This places an exit from the EU in a very real context and for real popular reasons, as opposed to an abstract and unpopular demand in and of itself.”

No mention of the manner in which nationalisation per se isn’t actually impossible in the EU as present. Or public investment either. None of us are blind to the constraints the EU presents – or rather the tilt of national governments that comprise the EU presents, which is rightwards. But this dressing up Lexit in other clothes is absurd. The idea that pushing or indeed implementing nationalisation is going to push towards an exit is unfeasible because it falls at the first hurdle. One can nationalise. One can invest publicly. Sure, one has to be a bit creative, but given it is possible the process of trying doesn’t represent the rupture that the author seems to believe it does.


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