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Thinking two entirely contradictory thoughts at the same time… January 16, 2020

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Yet another controversy over married clergy in the Catholic Church, where former Pope Benedict is apparently and rather ironically given his own adherence to not tolerating criticism of the papacy, intervening on behalf of ‘mandatory celibacy’ at a time when the RCC appears to be ever so slowly shifting away from it.

Reading this I’m reminded of a close relative who happened to be staying at a RC institution in Rome where people can lodge and was, some time back, but not many years ago, highly entertained to find themselves in the company of former Anglican priests who had gone over to Rome complete with their wives and families.

Entertained because while my relative themselves would be considered ultra-liberals in the context of the RCC, said Anglicans they met were extremely conservative – some moving to the RCC because of the ordination of… women priests in Anglicanism!

A broad church indeed.


1. Joe - January 16, 2020

Speaking of broad churches (and going off on a tangent, or maybe not). Reading a good thread on here yesterday, I smiled when I realized that there are people who’ve posted on here on and off, and at different times, over the years, from each of the three bits that the SP broke into last year.
CLR, a broad church indeed.


2. roddy - January 16, 2020

Talking of priestly “celibacy”, I wonder does the church ever question why so many people up here are called “McTaggart” or “McEntaggart”.Translates as “son of the priest”! Likewise “McAnespie”translates as “son of the bishop”!


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - January 16, 2020

Remember (and remind Big Ben and his followers), celibacy in the Catholic Church began to be enforced only in 1139, when feudal property laws of heredity threatened the institution’s land ownership.Before that married priests were tolerated – for a longer period than they were banned.

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3. Jim Monaghan - January 16, 2020

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/dec/24/christianity-sex-nativity-virgin-mary At Christmastide you can’t escape from the fact that Christianity centres on the birth of a child, and glories in it. But Christians say that this Jewish baby from 2,000 years ago is also the supreme God, and then it gets complicated.

Birth generally involves sexual encounter, all messy and sweaty: what about this one? Did Jesus have two human parents? Well, he certainly grew up with a mum and dad, Mary and Joseph; but the story we hear in church at Christmas, amalgamated out of two different accounts in two of the four gospels, suggests that somehow Joseph didn’t get involved in the initial process of parenting, and that Mary had remained a “virgin”.

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