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Signs of Hope – A continuing series January 17, 2020

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Gewerkschaftler suggested this recently:

I suggest this blog should have a regular (weekly) slot where people can post happenings at the personal or political level that gives them hope that we’re perhaps not going to hell in a handbasket as quickly as we thought. Or as the phlegmatic Germans put it “hope dies last”.

Any contributions this week?


1. CL - January 17, 2020

“A quarter of all countries experienced a dramatic surge in civil unrest last year in a worrying trend that is likely to continue into 2020, researchers have found….
Verisk Maplecroft, a leading risk analysis and strategic forecasting company, said in a report published on Thursday that 47 countries experienced a significant rise in the number of protests over the course of the past year….
“With protests continuing to rage across the globe, we expect both the intensity of civil unrest, as well as the total number of countries experiencing disruption, to rise over the coming 12 months,” the study says….

while each protest is unique, a large number of them have been driven by similar grievances,”
“These include stagnating incomes and rising inequality in the decade following the global economic crisis, the loss of trust in traditional political elites, corruption, and the erosion of civil and political rights.”


2. Joe - January 17, 2020

Long-Bailey ahead in a recent poll for Labour leader.


3. tafkaGW - January 20, 2020

After Comrade Wagenknecht wandered off into the thickets of nationalist left ‘populism’, die Linke has a new parliamentary female speaker, Amira Mohamed Ali.

(Like other parties not on the right in Germany, leading positions are shared between two people identifying as female and male.)

As the name suggests she has an Egyptian as well as a German parent, and is from the former West.

She’s very good on the media; minus the star qualities of comrade Wagenknecht perhaps, but without the ego, and factional instincts. Ali is considered to be from the left of the party.

Here she is calling for, among other things, German troops to be pulled out of Iraq.

Sorry – I couldn’t find English subtitles. Perhaps you more Yooboob literate people can turn of the translation if you can.


4. tafkaGW - January 20, 2020

Thousands of antifa sardines in Bologna last weekend:

… you know the song!

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