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Space film January 18, 2020

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This was shown in London in the last year or two, but now it is in New York, an exhibition of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Although its anniversary is strictly speaking 2028 in a way 2021 would be as good a year to revisit it!

That section of the movie – the stargate scene – is what greets you as you climb the stairs to the museum’s third floor. There are also smaller screens offering clips from films that directly influenced Kubrick when he was dreaming of the future. To the Moon and Back, created for the 1964 World’s Fair, sits beside the George Pal-produced Destination Moon. Jordan Belson’s experimental shorts and the Soviet-influenced Czech masterpiece Ikarie-XB1 flank the National Film Board of Canada’s 1960 short Universe, narrated by future voice of HAL 9000, Douglas Rain.

Universe I knew and it was mentioned here some time ago, To the Moon and Beyond (not Back) I hadn’t. It’s not available online, perhaps due to its format – anyone ever seen it?

In a way, it strikes me that 2001 was responsible for a sort of ‘modernity’ in aesthetic and cultural terms that was to be enormously influential subsequently.


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