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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… January 19, 2020

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Someone doesn’t grasp the difference between commemorating individuals as against institutions or institutional as against national commemorations:

But what many of the more shrill of its opponents seemingly don’t realise is that a garden already exists at Dublin Castle commemorating the RIC, the DMP and An Garda Síochána.
The Garda Memorial Garden was opened in 2010 to honour over 80 members of An Garda killed on duty since its foundation in 1922. It features a specially commissioned stone sculpture which is “a tribute to all deceased members of An Garda Síochána, the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Dublin Metropolitan Police”.

As for the hyperbole in the following, an absurdity mere days after Stormont was reconvened.

…let us remember, nationalism is about the tribe alone. It is exclusive, not inclusive. What the controversy released was a lava of emotion erupting from deep within the innards of the State and most of its political parties.
This has one very major significance – it means a united Ireland will not happen within my lifetime, or that of anyone reading these pages, or of anyone living on this island today.

Meanwhile, a completely irrelevant and somewhat offensive point made in the opening paragraphs of Newton Emerson’s latest missive:

There was a pleasing symmetry at Stormont on Monday when new Sinn Féin Assembly speaker Alex Maskey welcomed British prime minister Boris Johnson.
Maskey has a conviction for stealing a sum of cash some 40 years ago. Johnson turned up with less cash than expected.

Meanwhile reading this one has to admire the sheer brazenness of a message about this sort of issue delivered from the source that it is delivered from:

But there is none for experienced reporters affecting to see no problem with the fact that the Provisional IRA still exists – according to the International Monitoring Commission, the PSNI and the Garda Commissioner.

Southern media has even less excuse for evading that truth following the revelation by the respected journalist, Sam McBride, in his best-selling book, Burned, that outsiders still influence Sinn Fein policy.

Last week, on Newstalk, Senator Michael McDowell, a former justice minister, told Ivan Yates that Sinn Fein decisions are not made in the Dail or Stormont, but by a small number of people, mostly in Belfast.


1. EWI - January 19, 2020

The Irish Times has been really working the Rolodex to round up every crank it can in defence of the RIC, Tans and every other variety of ‘Crown Forces’. I’ve only seen two op-eds which haven’t gone in for this hysteria, and those by quite well-known academics who couldn’t be refused print.


WorldbyStorm - January 19, 2020

True, it’s another of ‘we’ve disgraced ourselves yet again’ lines. Absurd. In an odd way there’s a rhetorical level we haven’t seen in quite a while. I wonder why. Perhaps because this points up a few home truths about why the struggle for independence occurred and the nature of British rule which some people find expedient to ignore.


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