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That list of election priorities January 23, 2020

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Perhaps not enough consideration of a very curious finding in the IT polls this week.

Asked which issues would have the most influence on their vote, 40 per cent of voters said health was their most important issue, while 32 per cent said housing.
These two issues vastly exceed the importance voters attach to the economy, climate change and Brexit as issues which they say will influence their vote.
Just 8 per cent mention the economy as the most important issue, while a further 7 per cent opt for “value for money in public spending”.
A further 7 per cent say that climate change is the issue which will decide their vote – a level very similar to Green Party support as measured in the current poll, which was at 8 per cent.

Add in that ‘management of Brexit’ was only at 3 per cent and that paints quite the picture. Prior to the election I would have thought that housing and health and climate change would be up there at the very top with Brexit close enough behind. To see climate change so low is remarkable – this after all was trailed as an election where there might be a Green tsunami. Well, of course, there still might, albeit presumably a slightly lower one than anticipated. Eight or nine per cent on the day could see fifteen GP TDs elected (SF in 2011 had 14 elected on foot of 9 per cent). Yet for all that Extinction Rebellion and others have brought the issue to the fore perhaps this is another case where what is high profile on social media (and in fairness off it too) doesn’t necessarily have as deeply embedded roots as was thought.

Even the low enough rating for the economy is explicable – albeit problematic from a left position, in that employment is holding up. What sort of employment that might be, who benefits, who doesn’t, is another matter again. Notable is how public expenditure is at the same level as climate change.


1. CL - January 23, 2020

Health and housing are critical political economic issues; the debacle in these sectors results from a failed economic ideology.

Climate change has advanced to where at least people are becoming aware of the emergency; as for doing something realistic about it that has yet to occur.

“The refusal to link climate breakdown to disaster is more entrenched than I had imagined possible; it is the complete unwillingness of much of the media to acknowledge that our current economic system, if not changed, will kill everything….
The media has a responsibility to communicate that our life-sustaining systems are being obliterated for profit and to communicate it with the appropriate urgency.”-Saoirse McHugh.

A centuries-old system based on predation for profit is not easily changed; it will require more than extra bicycle lanes.

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