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Canvasser stories from previous elections and from this one… January 26, 2020

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This is becoming a habit!

During the 2007 General Election we had a series of communications from a number of intrepid canvassers that gave some flavour of that contest.

You’ll find them, here, here, here, here and here.

For those of us involved in the hard edge of political campaigning at this and other elections here or elsewhere they’ll be all too familiar. It’s that sense of effort without clear reward, bar a shining moment when our candidate is elected, or takes their place with like minds, that seems to me to sum up this activity. Street after street, door after door, trying to talk to people for a fraction of a minute who usually aren’t interested and don’t want to know.

It’s funny, however much I can detest aspects of some political parties I retain huge respect for any politician, or their supporters, who actually get out there and put in that effort. While naturally wanting it to be entirely wasted. 😉

Anyone out canvassing or seeing canvassing have any thoughts on that aspect of the campaign this time around?


1. G - January 26, 2020

Got called a ‘shower of dirty tinkers’ by an old woman over the abortion vote. How very Christian!

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2. roddy - January 26, 2020

Different election but up here a few years ago I was told on a doorstep – “you should have been decent” (ie what are you doing with these corner boys!)

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3. irishelectionliterature - January 26, 2020

Going slightly off track. I’ve yet to have had any canvassers call or met any canvassers in the constituency.

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NFB - January 26, 2020

Same. Plenty of posters up in Ashtown, but no canvassers and just one leaflet (FG).

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Tomboktu - January 26, 2020

SF called during the day last week. They left a leaflet and tweeted about visiting the estate.


Tomboktu - January 26, 2020

Also off-track:
Two of the three leaflets I’ve received so far include photographs of political opponents. In one case, it’s a photo Eoghan Murphy as part of a panel attacking him on his record as housing minister; in the other case, it’s a group photo at a local protest that includes two candidates (who are not in the same party as the leaflet’s issuer).

I wonder what marketing gurus would have to say about them.


4. Joe - January 26, 2020

Think I missed my first canvasser Saturday morning. The bell rang but by the time I got there all that remained was a leaflet from Gannon of the SDs. He seems to have an active campaign going, lots of new posters on the poles this last few days.

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NFB - January 26, 2020

Neasa Hourigan biting at his heels.


dhalligan - January 26, 2020

Between the two anyway. Labour haven’t improved in the polls enough (or at all really) for Joe Costello to be back in with a shout. Christy Burke and Ciaran Perry have both been running for years without success. Perry especially has always been far behind and as we know the left isn’t polling as well as last year.


WorldbyStorm - January 26, 2020

Yeah, if anything Labour’s poll rating has been stagnant, more or less where it was the last two years. Interesting that some in the media expected it to improve.


Joe - January 26, 2020

Perry not running this time. More votes for Mary Lou I guess.


pettyburgess - January 26, 2020

My contempt for the Greens is deep and long standing. There are few things more contemptible than an environmentalist party with a disgraceful record in government on the environment, quite aside from their record on such things as destroying the economy. But I will put it aside just long enough to give their non entity candidate three cheers if she takes out Gannon. Not that she will be any better, but she will at least be less prominently obnoxious.


5. GearóidGaillimh - January 26, 2020

My significant other was threatened while canvassing yesterday: https://twitter.com/KEmrch/status/1221235111124983813


WorldbyStorm - January 26, 2020

That’s very disappointing to hear they were subjected to that sort of crap. Hope you’re both ok.


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