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The Impact of the Troubles on the Republic of Ireland EVENT Brian Hanley in conversation with Vincent Browne – Moved to February January 28, 2020

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This Event has moved date because of unforeseen circumstances- we apologise for any inconvenience. It will now be held on the Monday 17th February 2020 at 6pm.

The impact of the Troubles on the Republic of Ireland,
1968–79 By Brian Hanley

(In conversation with Vincent Browne)

Join us for this Event on Wednesday 29th January 2020 at 6pm on our First Floor.

The first book to examine in detail the impact of the Northern Irish Troubles on southern Irish society. This study vividly illustrates how life in the Irish Republic was affected by the conflict north of the border and how people responded to the events there. It documents popular mobilization in support of northern nationalists, the reaction to Bloody Sunday, the experience of refugees and the popular cultural debates the conflict provoked. For the first time the human cost of violence is outlined, as are the battles waged by successive governments against the IRA. Focusing on debates at popular level rather than among elites, the book illustrates how the Troubles divided southern opinion and produced long-lasting fissures.

‘The book is to be credited for looking beyond radicals to consider the experience of what the author terms the “average southerner”. There is a real mastery of the press material in evidence.’
British Association for Irish Studies Book Prize judging panel


1. roddy - January 28, 2020

I see Browne attended some type of function for Regina Doherty.This from a man who stammered and stuttered his way through anti SF tirades on his TV3 show because SF “weren’t radical enough”.What a shyster the man is.


Mick 2 - January 28, 2020

‘Some type of function for Regina Doherty’? Can’t find anything online about this. Could you elaborate? Genuinely curious.


2. roddy - January 28, 2020

See Cllr Sharon Toland twitter.


3. roddy - January 28, 2020

Sorry Cllr Sharon Tolan twitter.


4. Tomboktu - January 28, 2020


5. oliverbohs - January 29, 2020

Vinny attempted to run for election for FG in the 90s didn’t he? Got cold feet if faulty memory recalls. Now he’s like a dog returning to his vomit, giving it a good sniff


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