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Signs of Hope – A continuing series January 31, 2020

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Gewerkschaftler suggested this recently:

I suggest this blog should have a regular (weekly) slot where people can post happenings at the personal or political level that gives them hope that we’re perhaps not going to hell in a handbasket as quickly as we thought. Or as the phlegmatic Germans put it “hope dies last”.

Any contributions this week?


1. CL - January 31, 2020

“Boris Johnson’s Conservative government has announced it will be renationalizing British train lines. It’s further proof that privatization is being discredited around the world….
After all the pre-election fearmongering that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour would nationalize every company under the British sky as a prelude to bringing your whole family into public ownership, the Tories have been remarkably quick to renationalize, and to talk about the prospect of further nationalization….
two-thirds of the public support bringing trains back into public ownership…
The tide is inexorably turning toward nationalization; even the Tories can’t stop it. But it’s important to recognize what this is about. It doesn’t signal any shift in ideology by the Conservatives. Rather, it reflects quiet acknowledgment of the fact that capitalism has failed in UK rail — and that, yes, Labour was right: transport, and many other things, should be run by the people for the people.”


sonofstan - January 31, 2020

Renationalising Northern Rail won’t achieve anything until you deal with the consequences of the chronic lack of investment in actual railway lines up here since privatisation.

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CL - January 31, 2020

Still it appears to be a departure from Thatcherism; ‘one-nation Toryism’ trying to hold the traditional Labour seats won by Johnson.


CL - January 31, 2020

“Ministers are poised to renationalise the failed Northern rail franchise as the government pledges to invest £500m in reopening defunct lines, in the latest bid to stem the crisis in Britain’s privatised network….
On Tuesday Mr Shapps will announce, among other things, making £1.5m available for preliminary work on reopening the line linking Newcastle to Ashington via Blyth, a former Labour-controlled town in Northumberland that turned blue in December’s general election.”

“Mr Johnson is attempting to redefine his Conservative party and the country it governs. The party of Margaret Thatcher — whose 1980s reforms put rocket boosters under London and the financial services sector and spawned a global wave of privatisations that stretched from Latin America to Russia — is seen by many in the north, the midlands and Wales as ruthlessly in love with the free market but callous about its consequences….
Mr Johnson was propelled back to Downing Street on December 12 by voters in seats long held by the opposition Labour party such as Burnley, Stoke-on-Trent and Dudley, towns cut adrift from globalisation, crushed by market forces and ravaged by a decade of austerity. They voted for Brexit and, as Mr Johnson acknowledged, they “lent” their votes to the Conservatives. Now they expect payback…
Realising that his new voters have little enthusiasm for a small state and aggressive deregulation, the One Nation vision Mr Johnson now offers is one in which the state actively intervenes to promote economic recovery. He is offering higher spending, particularly on infrastructure, and has dropped a previous commitment to cut taxes for higher earners.”


2. tafkaGW - January 31, 2020

The European Parliament will be seeing the back of 29 lazy, know-nothing, small-minded wreckers from the Brexit Party, who when they can be bothered to attend consistently vote with ethnicist nationalists.

And, as a bonus, 8 Tories.

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3. Dermot M O Connor - January 31, 2020

Not so much hope, just FYI an opinion poll due tonight (midnight) in IT. Taken by a British company who’ve never done one in Ireland before, and it’s online, so it’s probably tripe.



WorldbyStorm - January 31, 2020

Aren’t online polls meant to be a nonsense? Or is it one with a panel that has been selected as representative?


1729torus - January 31, 2020

If the panel is honest and your sample size is big enough then an online poll would produce decent results.

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Dermot M O Connor - January 31, 2020

Will take it a bit more seriously so! Panelbase’s first Irish poll though, curious how they’ll treat SF, as the usual companies filter for turnout, etc.


Dermot M O Connor - January 31, 2020

Teasing bastards. “VERY INTERESTING”.


4. dermot - February 1, 2020

SF top of the poll according to p.ie scuttlebut!


dermot - February 1, 2020
dermot - February 1, 2020

Crikey, if true. RedC brings out another tomorrow night.


FF 23%
SF 21%
FG 19%
GP 10%
LP 5%
SD 5%
Others 11%

Seat projections on this? FF and SF in high 30s/low 40s, FG in low 30s (2002 all over again), Greens 10+, Lab 3 to 4, SDs 3 to 6 or who the hell knows, PBP/SOL who knows, 6-10.

FFG would be lucky to have the seats between them to form a ‘grand’ coalition.


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