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An imminent election? February 14, 2020

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Pat Leahy on the IT election podcast made the point that a second election soon is, in his view, less likely than it might seem, not least because of the simple raw emotion of people winning and losing this last weekend and how that impacted on rhetoric. He thinks it will take a week or two for matters to settle.

He points further that it is not in Varadkar’s interest to call an election – from his position as caretaker Taoiseach? And it is the Taoiseach who can call an election, and him alone. Moreover he thinks that an administration with MLM as Taoiseach would only be in situ with the support of FF or FG, most likely, in which case why would she call an election?

So he appears to think that an election will take time. There are pressures, Brexit, budget, and so on.

The point was made that some in the GP aren’t so keen on supporting an SF government due to their voter base. RBB has said he doesn’t think there’s a space there for the idea. And beyond this the sensitivities of the smaller parties are key too.

And Leahy made the point that it is not in SF’s long term strategic interests to go into government at this point. And likewise FG are in a similar boat. And FF too.

Isn’t this insane?



1. Aonrud ⚘ - February 14, 2020

Is there no mechanism for fresh elections when a government can’t be formed? Or do we just carry on like Belgium did?


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