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Walk, or run… or swim or cycle… but just do something… February 15, 2020

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Thought this was interesting, a piece in the IT on what is the best exercise for people. Actually that’s almost a trick question – any moderate exercise is good, once one is doing a good bit of same then is the time to tailor it more precisely to the individual. The point is activity and then build on that. And the benefits are near enough self-evident – for cardiac health, preventing various diseases, and indeed mental well-being.

Thought this was particularly useful:

One of the first studies to show a correlation between physical activity and health was Dr Jeremiah Morris’s study on London transport workers. The study compared the rates of heart attacks for drivers as opposed to conductors of buses, trams and trolleybuses: although both jobs were similar, drivers spent the majority of their shift sitting down, while conductors constantly went up and down the stairs to sell tickets. Supporting the beneficial effects of all this exercise, conductors followed throughout the study had less than half the heart attacks of their sitting-down colleagues. Moreover, when conductors got heart attacks, they were less severe and occurred later in life compared to those of drivers. This was not a result of their leaner physique: a follow-up study analysed the trouser sizes provided by Transport for London to all their uniformed workers to show that conductors had less heart attacks irrespective of their waist size.
Another study by Dr Morris confirmed these results by showing that postal workers that walked or cycled to deliver letters had far less heart attacks than those working at the post office. The link between physical activity and cardiovascular health was established.


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