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FG/FF and… February 18, 2020

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Following on from yesterday’s post about Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael likely stealing SF’s clothes should they form a government, this from Michael O’Regan in the Irish Times largely supports that idea. For him a key aspect is the following:

The worst nightmare for the 160 TDs returned to the Dáil is another election. Even Sinn Féin, likely to benefit most from an election, would probably prefer time to consolidate its base in opposition, which now seems its likely destination.

And interestingly he argues:

Sinn Féin appears to be out of the reckoning as a coalition partner for Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. So there is much talk of a grand coalition involving Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, with others to make up the numbers.
It is much more complex than that. The parties will dispense with the term grand coalition, not least because of Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin’s opposition to sharing power with Fine Gael – as trenchantly expressed many times during the election campaign.

So bid welcome to his snappily titled alternative term, a ‘Government of Change’!

For him this would be most likely FF/FG and the GP. Though as noted in comments BTL yesterday here getting this idea past their memberships would be complicated. And perhaps in some instances impossible. The alternatives being to extend such a government out to encompass the SDs and or others. And though he doesn’t mention it, even a government with SD participation might just work.

None of this, from our various perspectives, is optimal. Or anywhere close. But difficult not to see the old gang(s) deciding that this is the least worst possible option and acting accordingly. Moreover, as O’Regan notes, ‘All TDs will be wary of a March election’.


1. sonofstan - February 18, 2020

Fg’s decision to take a gap year and go off and find themselves is presumably intended to put pressure on FF to buckle and go for the 3G package.


2. CL - February 18, 2020

‘there’s no mistaking the big, pompous, Fine Gael head on him’
-Ross O’C-Kelly’.I.T.

“Those re-elected were heading towards opposition with the relief of heading to a country house weekend after a busy week in town. They had tried their best, of course. It’s a pity it wasn’t enough.
Of course, more needs to be done. They would, if they could, continue. But good sports that they are, they recognised they had lost, and now it’s someone else’s turn. To help, they would talk to anyone. Anyone, except Sinn Féin.
Fine Gael walking off the pitch. It was clever, smug, and likely successful in its aim of self-serving…
Paradoxically, although it has notionally lost more, Fine Gael is in a better place. It’s the place to which it instinctively, immediately retreated to rest and reflect. It may be out of office, but in the mind of those affected, it is never out of power…. It is also a lived reality for people with businesses or professions. Government is only one expression of power. In this era it is no longer the dominant one either. The sense of being connected, of being ‘in’ continues in and out of office….
The Fine Gael tribe, if fractured in this election, remains largely intact. Its enduring strength is self-identity that transcends Fine Gael but allows it represent it politically. Those confident and assured of their place socially, in a world where the successful can operate almost anywhere, won’t be represented by Sinn Féin.”

“Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael must join forces and grasp housing crisis.

Parties must accept voters demand change and take radical action”
Michael McDowell, IT, Feb 12

Can a new FFG government, with a Green veneer, solve the social and economic crises they created when in power over the last few decades as they served the interests of the parasites and predators?


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