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Sinn Féin in Government Scare Stories February 21, 2020

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I was on the phone to a retired friend earlier in the week who was getting the train to Portlaoise on his Free Travel…. “May as well make use of it before the Shinners get in and take it away from me”
Others I’ve come across
“they’ll declare war on England the very next day”
“They will make all children cultural Marxists, transform the children into LGBTs, and forced euthanasia.”
“That the SF “politburo” would put Eoin O’Broins housing book on the school curriculum”

Any more?


1. Daire O'Criodain - February 21, 2020

Are they not all true?


2. Joe - February 21, 2020

My wannabe Waterford Whispers correspondent brain is working overtime.
“That in an effort to appease unionists, they will scrap Amhrán na bhFiann and made Hello, Mary Lou the new national anthem”.
“That they will decree that all Marys on the island of Ireland will have a compulsory name change to Mary Lou”.
And the one that had me down in the dump: “That the first thing they’ll do is come after all the old sticks in a final reckoning”.

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3. Dermot M O Connor - February 21, 2020

Keyword here is “retired”.

Must be nice for some, to be able to do that! 😀


oliverbohs - February 21, 2020

The third last one I would definitely vote for, or the last one, or both🤣


4. CL - February 22, 2020

“The Daily Telegraph dismissed the Irish electorate as succumbing to “dangerous” populism. Veteran BBC broadcaster John Simpson tweeted that “Ireland, which has been politically stable for decades, has . . . succumbed to populism now”. One British journalist writing in the Washington Examiner even surmised that Ireland had “stepped back from democracy” on account of the bizarre assertion that Sinn Féin had grown out of an “IRA Marxist insurgency”.

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Alibaba - February 22, 2020

Yes, so much for populism.

‘Fintan O’Toole: Irish voters’ actions are not populist – just sensible

There is a lazy and simplistic way of looking at what Irish voters did in the general election. They want more stuff from the State and they rewarded those who promised to deliver it. This is depicted as “populism” and therefore it is bad, according to this analysis.’

I can’t supply the link because subscriber only. Sorry.

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5. maedoanmend - February 22, 2020

Yee gotta like serendipity and blind chance.

First the MSM starts banging on about our absolute reliance on foreign MNCs (multinational corps) and how they inherently dislike any govt that prioritises the concerns of their citizens over MNCs; then the Garda Commissioner tells us that SF is run by a shadowy group (without divulging any details in case we commit national en-masse seppuku); and lastly FFFG finally decide they need to meet to form a government in our national self interest.

If these random, chance events had not occurred at this point in time, rather than before the election results, we’d could be forgiven for thinking that a group of capitalists had formed a shadowy cabal that ran our country in their own interests and those of foreign corporations. But our beloved leaders would never think like that I’m sure.

[Damn, that neo-liberal capitalist playbook getting well worn and cliched at this point. And the feckers in FFFG don’t seem to realise it yet.]

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6. Joe - February 26, 2020

How totally irresponsible and indeed dangerous of SF to be holding mass public meetings in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic. Putting the health and indeed the lives of people at risk by gathering large groups together, travelling from different places, to meet packed like sardines into a hall – I betya Mary Lou was one of those moms who held chicken pox parties for her kids back in the day, these mass meetings are the coronavirus equivalent.
This is the kind of Venezuela-like mayhem we can expect if these mad Marxist, chips and burger-eating, nordie-led, hoodlums ever get their hands on the levers of power.


tafkaGW - February 26, 2020

And those greeny types who keep proposing more public transport clearly are intent on committing mass-murder. People should stick to their SuV’s instead and fit FFP2 filters!

Seriously, the only argument for isolation is to slow the growth of the pandemic, to give health systems more time to prepare to save the lives of people who develop the acute form of the infection for one reason or another. (Weakened immune systems or a massive initial infection load – which may be what healthy doctors are dying of.)


Joe - February 26, 2020

There’s no room for seriously anything on this thread. This thread is for scaremongering about the danger to civilization posed by you know who.


tafkaGW - February 26, 2020

Sorry, back on topic:

It’s clear to any fool who has experience of the occult, that the SF logo is a variant of the Ancient Enochian sigil used in the to invoke Cthulhu from the inter-dimensional Abyss.

Who do you think really runs the Army Council?

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WorldbyStorm - February 26, 2020

So who is Nodens in all this – presumably from their perspective Eoghan Harris


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