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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… February 23, 2020

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Emerson is back banging the drum about some sort of efforts to constrain SF suggesting that ‘At the very least, Sinn Féin could be pressed for Mitchell-type commitments to stop lauding Troubles violence.’
But how would that work in relation to others and violence? Tricky. Then he continues:

Some matters cannot be addressed by political parties. Only the police and courts can pursue unsolved crimes and current criminality. Other agencies are required to track down the IRA’s money and front businesses. There is no evidence that Sinn Féin receives funding from these sources, so what is the huge war-chest for?


Meanwhile all is good, very good, in someone’s world:

The paradox in all this [consecutive electoral defeats] is that between them Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Labour Party have over the past decade not simply led the country out of the crash but created the conditions for a level of prosperity never before experienced in Ireland.

Go on…

…the election result indicates that about one-third of the electorate has bought into the notion that Ireland truly is a hellhole in need of a dose of the kind of radical left-wing policies that have ruined countries such as Venezuela. Obviously young people trying to buy a house in Dublin or paying exorbitant rents in the capital have a justified gripe with the system and can’t be faulted for opting for radical policies without worrying too much about the dire long-term consequences.

Again behind the paywall, hyperbole as usual:

Last Thursday, Micheal Martin movingly defended the Irish Republic from moral and political corruption in a magisterial speech whose historic import was missed by most of our craven media.

All other contributions welcome.


1. RWI - February 23, 2020

‘At the very least, Sinn Féin could be pressed for Mitchell-type commitments to stop lauding Troubles violence.’

It’s my distinct understanding that Drew Harris was not only a driving force behind the recent efforts to commemorate the RIC and all the rest of it, but also insists on wearing his RUC medals on his Garda uniform and has never repudiated the RUC (let alone cooperated in providing all the information at his disposal on loyalist and British atrocities during the Troubles).

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Fergal - February 23, 2020

There are moments when I think Eoghan Harris writes Micheál Martin’s speeches…


Shea - February 24, 2020

He was open about advising ahern and was made a senator. Possible.

Martin spent the election banging on about how the special criminal court defeated the pira and also being suggestive about the same pira being in control of what is now the largest party in the state. Not an outlandish guess.

On another note perhaps the special criminal courts are ineffective and should go.


2. Shea - February 24, 2020

Emerson is saying what the rest are doing. Shinners get policed in what they say. There is no no law compelling it but the effect is shinners themselves constraining themselves in what they say.


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