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“This tops them all- guess who is being accused of letting loose the ‘Ra?” February 27, 2020

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…this from Richard Waghorn, ahem, in The Critic points the finger of blame at…

Well, I won’t spoil the surprise. Read on, and as the person who sent the link to me noted, check out the cartoon accompanying it.


1. Micheál - February 27, 2020

Sweet suffering Jesus but Waghorn is an idiot. Doug Feith dumb.

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2. Stan - February 27, 2020

Basically we’re ALL THE SAME underneath the thin veneer. Don’t be fooled!

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3. EWI - February 27, 2020

I see that Waggie is still in the word diarrhoea business. No prose like purple prose (my only wonder is that he appears to have given up on the previously mandatory Latin phrase-dropping). As an example:

aligning the Brexiteers with the noble failures of the past generation, from the explorers of the north-west passage to redundant empire-builders

Are they on the dole? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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4. Daniel Rayner O'Connor - February 27, 2020

For one who rebukes O’Toole for his errors, he is not too accurate himself. Amer.’s ‘Speak for England’ call was indeed made on the outbreak of war in September 1939. His speech in April 1940 was his ‘In the name of God go’! to neville Chamberlian.

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5. tafkaGW - February 28, 2020

lol, as people used to type.

The alt-right have discovered the name Lacan!

As any fool knows, he ran the Frankfurt School franchise for Cultural Bolshevism, sorry Marxism, in Paris, and was paid piece rates for every Catholic girl who became and atheist lesbian.

And as for O’Toole: he’s the very image of a High Priest of the Great Old Ones.

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WorldbyStorm - February 28, 2020

I’m really taken by this idea of Irish politics refracted thru the Cthulhu mythos and given the reactionary bias in Lovecroft that makes sense


sonofstan - February 28, 2020

I dare them to actually read Lacan. He’s tough going even for those of us steeped in the dark arts of the Frankfurt School. Mind you, they never read those either.

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sonofstan - February 28, 2020

Actually Lacan seems to be having an alt-right moment: Cummings recruitment ad included the following interdict against “Oxbridge English graduates who chat about Lacan at dinner parties with TV producers”.

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tafkaGW - February 28, 2020

Yea it’s all really a bit weird, given that peak Frankfurt School was AFAIK the 1970s after which they went into decline, and peak Lacan the late nineties. Or perhaps a bit earlier.

It’s like they’ve must discovered that skinny jeans are a thing again.

I am among those who tried to read the baguette-waver and failed to get a huge amount out of it in the 1990s. But when I retire…perhaps…given all the other things I’d love to have time to study.

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Dr. X - February 28, 2020

In real life, Lacan was an ardent Gaulliste.

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6. Starkadder - March 1, 2020

Richard Seymour often writes about Lacan, and cites him in his journalism. Never got into Lacan’s work myself.

“For one who rebukes O’Toole for his errors, he is not too accurate himself. Amer.’s ‘Speak for England’ call was indeed made on the outbreak of war in September 1939. His speech in April 1940 was his ‘In the name of God go’! to neville Chamberlian.”.

Well, “Facts are stupid things”, to cite a US politician much loved by Waghorne’s crowd.

I see in addition to Waghorne and Kevin Myers, “The Critic” also has Keith Windschuttle as a contributor. Windschuttle has repeatedly been accused of excusing violence committed by the British settlers against the Indigenous Australian population.



7. gypsybhoy69 - March 4, 2020

Is there a different Richard Waghorn at RTE or are they one in the same?


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