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Interview with Dave Robinson of Stiff Records February 28, 2020

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Conducted by Jason O’Toole in the Mirror, this is a wide ranging interview on foot of appearances by Dave Robinson this weekend in Belfast and Dublin, well worth a read in full.

Legendary music figure Dave Robinson – who’s doing a one man show in Belfast tonight and Dublin tomorrow to tell the story of his pioneering indie label Stiff Records
in anecdotes and music – took over as president of Island when big acts were jumping ship and the label was still reeling from the untimely death of Bob Marley.


As Dave – who once shared a flat with Jimi Hendrix and then with Van Morrison whom he also briefly managed – says himself, “There’s a funny story pretty much about every
record and every artist.”

Growing up in Drumcondra, Dave first started out as a photographer taking snaps of The Stones and The Beatles during the Swinging Sixties, which was his “entrée into the British music scene”.
He recalled: “I remember The Stones were really unpleasant. They were really rude and nasty. Their manager had got them geared up to be very unpleasant. The Beatles were very friendly. So hanging around with them and taking a few picture was a lot of fun.
“But The Stones were constantly putting their hands over your lens, not wanting you to take part. Even though they had agreed to allow photographs, The Stones really didn’t enjoy it.”


After giving up photography, Dave got into managing bands and single handedly created a network of 35 pubs in London where acts could “play what they wanted” and this became the forerunner of punk.
He then built a recording studio above the legendary Hope and Anchor Pub in Islington and started up Stiff Records with Jake Riviera back in 1976.


Dave has enough material for an entire book, never mind “an evening with…” event like tonight in Belfast and tomorrow in Dublin.
“I keep getting hassled about writing a book, which is great that people are interested. I will write one before I forget everything!” he joked.
“There’s a story behind every record. It’s great to get to the hometown and shine you buttons, do you know what I mean?”

Sounds like they’ll be great events.


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