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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Songs from Veronica Mars February 29, 2020

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I found a copy recently of the OST of Veronica Mars. I discovered that series last year and have worked through two seasons of it now, halting so I can watch the third and penultimate season over the Summer. I think it’s one of the finest shows I’ve seen, at least so far, transcending its roots in teen drama to offer something very very different indeed, though more on that shortly.

The OST is more or less what one might expect, soft rock/pop-ish in orientation, dabbling albeit it doesn’t really go all in on dance or electronica. That said there’s the none-more-appropriate title song from the Dandy Warhols.

Stereophonics, not so keen on. Ivy (influenced by the Go-Betweens and friends of Edwyn Collin) is actually pretty great, as is Mike Doughty. What’s fascinating is that the standard is high but these are bands for the most part I’ve never heard of or only heard of distantly.

And who shows up on it but Something Happens, with one of their more decent tracks.

The liner notes are interesting, in them Rob Thomas, creator of the show notes that he taught high-school journalism (it shows!) and how ‘when picking songs for the show and the soundtrack all I have to do is picture Veronica as one of my students and choose the songs I think she’d cue up on a late night deadline’.

It’s a great window into the show and into a very specific time – a mid 2000s which now seem a world away.

We Used to Be Friends – The Dandy Warhols

Ocean City Girl – Ivy

I Hear the Bells – Mike Doughty

I Know I Know I Know – Tegan and Sara

No Sleep Tonight – The Faders

Long Time Coming – Delays

Momentary Thing – Something Happens

The Way You Are – 46bliss


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