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Those ‘rallies’… March 2, 2020

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The more one reads the accounts from the SF national meetings/rallies the more innocuous they appear. Indeed even the IT had to note:

Sinn Féin had the perfect advertisement in Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s claim that the events were the next stage in what he claimed was a “campaign of intimidation and bullying” by the party. When they turned out to be largely the same as any other political public meeting, although bigger in scale, Varadkar looked foolish, as even some in Fine Gael acknowledged.

The funny thing is that Varadkar not merely looked unwise, but also had in effect publicised these events to an even greater degree. Fiach Kelly pointed to how other parties had ‘spies’ at these meetings. Well. Of course they would, wouldn’t they?

And far from the meetings being sinister or malign they dovetail with a political practice that has been seen in the North for many years, one which is entirely reasonable and other parties should be using as well. What is striking is how it demonstrates how those other parties have largely fallen away from such approaches across many years now. And that tells us a lot about those other parties.

As to the future, well, as the article also notes, these may have little or no impact on the process of government formation, but they are central to consolidating and even extending SF support. And as ever their opponents continue to gift them with attention which far from damaging them politically only seems to increase their support. One has to suspect SF cannot believe its luck. That the others are so inept… well that tells us even more about those parties.


1. Roger Cole - March 2, 2020

I attended to SF public meeting in Liberty Hall, which was packed solid. It was dominated by perfectly ordinary and rational questions for members in the audience. In short, a normal practice for a democratic society. That the Caretaker Taoiseach could describe it as “intimidation” in an effort to stop it and other meetings happening is a clear indication of his thought process. An indication of how out of touch he and Martin are with the Irish people is shown by the latest public opinion poll.
The Irish people want a change in government. One that does not include Fine Gael.

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tafkaGW - March 2, 2020


That Vlad doesn’t see public meetings as an intrinsic part of normal democracy, shows just how limited his view and that of his party of democracy is i.e. neo-liberal technocracy with occasional plebiscites in favour of one of the civil war duopoly.


2. sonofstan - March 2, 2020

There’s a graphic in the Guardian today illustrating an article on population shifts in Europe, with aging demographics in some countries and young people fleeing poor prospects in others. Ireland (both juridictions) is one of very few countries where every part of the country has a substantially young population.
And that is why FFG have lost it.


3. CL - March 2, 2020

We could perhaps be witnessing the death rattle of revisionism in its journalistic form as the usual suspects foam at the mouth.

“the ideology of Irish nationalism…
The same ideology is currently sanitising the Provo IRA murder campaign. Judging by social media, the rising generation is the most rabidly tribal I can recall.
This sick regression, which is degrading Irish democracy, is the result of three factors: the steady greening of academe purged of sceptical revisionists, a sectarian campaign on social media by SF trolls, and three years of bashing Brits and unionists over Brexit.”-Eoghan Harris, S.I. Jan 12, 2020.

“Harris has been a very influential figure in the almost 50-year attempt to silence Northern nationalism, and rumor has it that Fianna Fail leader Michaél Martin has been sipping from the poisonous cup….

The Irish people have just elected Nazi pedophiles as their likely leaders. How did we miss all that?
Say one thing for the young Irish: they are neither cowed or impressed by revisionists who have called everything arseways from the beginning of The Troubles. It’s clear which version of history is the correct one now….
Revisionism is dead. The Irish electorate just killed it.”

” there is one subject on which Ferriter’s mellow tone becomes charged with an intensity that seems closer to anger. The book, he says early on, is “an attempt to stake a claim to a post- revisionist interpretation” of Irish history, and when we come around to a discussion of exactly what it is that this approach is designed to shake off, he slips into the grip of a passion, an argument with revisionism, which is clearly long held. “Remember when the Mountjoy 10 were taken out of Mountjoy prison a couple of years ago, and there was that question of reburial?” he asks. “And there was a lot of what there was that question of reburial?” he asks. “And there was a lot of what we’d call the usual revisionists saying this was a glorification of murder and all that? Well, I thought that the response of people on the streets of Dublin to applaud [the 10] was an answer to whether or not the revisionism debate was dead. In the sense that here were people who, particularly post-ceasefire in Northern Ireland and all that, were basically saying that these people gave their lives for the cause of Irish freedom, to use a contentious phrase that I don’t have a problem with. We’re applauding them for what they did, which doesn’t mean that we approve of violence now, that we are fellow travellers with the Provos. That, for me, marked a huge kind of maturity in some respects.”

New information and new interpretations make the writing of history always something of a process of revision.

But if we view ‘revisionism’ as a journalistic, political, and historiographical offensive to destroy Irish republicanism, the rise and rise of Sinn Fein shows that it has failed.

Maybe the time has come to revise revisionism, and take a cold look at the history of Irish historiography; whose class interests were served and how did propagandist distortions contribute to current social and economic crises?

The Sinn Fein rally is in Ulster tonight, in Cavan.

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benmadigan - March 2, 2020

Mary Lou’s children attend the closed school in Dublin so she will not be able to attend any rallies. Think she is calling them off for the duration.



4. irishelectionliterature - March 2, 2020

Eoin Ó Broin was doing an event as part of The Limerick Spring on Friday night. The organisers were telling me literally everywhere they were with him, (out for dinner, walking to the venue and indeed at the venue itself and afterwards etc) the reaction to him was unreal. People just coming up to him, shaking his hand, thanking him and wishing him well. Not too many looking for pictures but just a genuine respect from people for what he is trying to do.

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5. tomasoflatharta - March 2, 2020
6. Roger Cole - March 2, 2020

thomasoflathara must be glutton for punishment to read RDE. The sun is shining outside, its putting me in a good mood, so I think I thing I will give it a miss


7. roddy - March 2, 2020

The Belfast telegraph is such a roaring success that they’re giving it away for nothing in the free state now.I stopped for fuel in Lifford this morning and the young pump attendant placed a copy on the drivers seat of my work vehicle.I didn’t want to insult the lad so said nothing.When I got home,I scanned it for a couple of seconds,noticed RDE’s article and another where Varadaker accused SF politicians of having lifestyles beyond their means.I tossed it into the Jack Russell’s bed in the hope that he will either tear it to shreds or better still shite on it!

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benmadigan - March 2, 2020

the Bel Tel always was/is very pro-Unionist, promoting the british way of life


8. CL - March 3, 2020

How did this happen? ..(i.e. the appalling vista of the rise of SF)
asks Eoghan Harris.

“First, young people are taught no history. ..
Second, RTE has pumped out green centenary programmes,..
Third, Sinn Fein academic chiefs cleared out pluralists (aka “revisionists”) as completely as the Nazis purged the Jews from German universities….
Fourth, Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney’s Brexit-bashing morphed in the public mind into Brit-bashing….
the campaign to persuade us the peace process demands we must accept Northern Ireland as some kind of role model for the Irish Republic.”

So the question now is about “backing Micheal Martin against Sinn Fein’s atavistic agenda and telling Leo Varadkar to stop posing and get on with giving us a government.”-Eoghan Harris, Belfast Telegraph, March 2, 2020

In the Harris analysis, the economy is doing fine, we have a great GNP, and so the material conditions of the people are not responsible for the rise of Sinn Fein.
The widespread disaffection with the current social and economic reality has nothing to do with neoliberal predation implemented over decades by FFG :its just that decades of revisionist propaganda has failed.
So the solution is more of the same; put FFG back in power implementing the same right-wing economic philosophy the effect of which has given rise to the deep, widespread, and growing discontent.

One of the major flaws of the revisionist propaganda effort was that it bought into the modernizing, ‘progressive’ role of orthodox, right-wing political economy; just release the economic growth-creating energies of neoliberal capitalism and many of the dissent-generating legacies of Irish history would end.

Alas for the revisionist agenda capitalist contradictions cannot so easily be avoided. The fall-out from the crash of 2008 continues. The recovery of the system is tentative and unstable. The market is generating irrational outcomes. There are 10,000 homeless as luxury apartment and office building absorbs the construction labour force. FFG, the party of the developers and landords ensure the land prices and rents continue to rise. The stresses and strains of everyday working life are causing serious mental health issues. Low taxation rates to please MNCs ensure that the public sector is impoverished causing an inevitable decline in the quality of life……..

The intellectual and political bankruptcy of the discredited revisionist faction is evident as they advocate the same old same old failed policies. Reimposing the FFG regime intensifies the crisis, as the rise and rise of SF continues.

Let the parasites and predators of FFG and their revisionist backers tremble….

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WorldbyStorm - March 3, 2020

Atrocious stuff genuinely atrocious. Perhaps the worst is claiming LV et al were ‘Brit bashing’ and then positing a gullible Irish public unable to think for itself.


EWI - March 3, 2020

Second, RTE has pumped out green centenary programmes,..
Third, Sinn Fein academic chiefs cleared out pluralists (aka “revisionists”) as completely as the Nazis purged the Jews from German universities….

Seriously, does he have a drinking problem? Neither of those two things are true in any sense (in fact, quite the opposite)


EWI - March 3, 2020

One of the major flaws of the revisionist propaganda effort was that it bought into the modernizing, ‘progressive’ role of orthodox, right-wing political economy

A remarkable spectacle in the division Brexit has opened up in revisionist ranks, between the genuine empire loyalists (RDE and others, who are out on their own voyage to the stars) and the mere forelock-tuggers, who have been reduced to hand-wringing articles about how Britain is better than this, the loss of our close relationship, who could ever know that English nationalism existed? etcetc.


WorldbyStorm - March 3, 2020

It’s bizarre – and btw he has no small of self reflection talking about atavistic agendas.


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