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A view from Madrid during the crisis March 24, 2020

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Jason O’Toole, well known in this parish, has a piece in the Mirror about the situation in Madrid where he’s currently based. Troubling is the word that comes to mind. Here’s some quotes:

Madrid is eerily like a ghost town since being put on a near-total lockdown nine days ago. 
But the deafening silence has been broken every single night by Madrilenos – as locals are called – taking to their balconies at 8pm to applaud the doctors and nurses on the front lines saving lives. 
It provides only light relief to Spain’s 47-million population is only allowed to leave home for work, buy food or visit the pharmacy. 


There are some exceptions such as being allowed to walk your dog, but nobody is permitted to bring passengers in their car or go shopping in pairs unless it’s a single parent with a child. 

And he notes that the death toll rises with one person dying every sixteen minutes in Madrid. He’s not left the house in ten days of lockdown… ‘police drones flying overhead’ and police are around to enforce this ‘with fines of €601 up to a staggering €30,000 and/or even prison’. He also notes that the virus is indiscriminate in who it infects, with people in their 20’s and 30s in critical condition as well as deaths of Civil Guards in their 30s.

Some intriguing political aspects:

Madrilenos also came out in force on Wednesday night to bang pots and pans in anger against the former King Juan Carlos for allegedly taking €100million in bribes from Saudi Arabia. 

And he argues that while Ireland was ahead of the game in shutting down schools and pubs it needs to go into total lockdown.

Ireland needs to completely batten down the hatches before it’s too late.


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