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Left Gardener: Spring edition March 26, 2020

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Mentioned in comments, here it is! How is gardening going?


1. Joe - March 26, 2020

Yep. God bless her, the missus dug out the old stuff and the weeds from the plot about 6 weeks ago. She then got some brassica plants – brussel sprouts, cauliflower, the other thing – and gave me the pleasant job of planting them. I mixed them up, fairly well spaced, three caulies here, three sprouts there. Slug pellets, sorry slugs. Going well so far.
Another smaller plot has been reserved for lettuce and other salad greens by the missus. Anyone able to post a link to Ryan the Green leader speaking in the Dáil and encouraging us all to grow lettuce in our window boxes? What an inspiration!

Other than that… the buds and leaves are coming on the trees. Various daffs and other flowers have blossomed. The odd bumble bee is out and about. And I saw honeybees on the balcony at work the other day. In the garden there’s a robin and blue tits and blackbirds.


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alanmyler - March 26, 2020
Joe - March 26, 2020

Thanks am. Also, the other thing = broccoli. (Must eat more veg to improve the brain function 😦

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2. alanmyler - March 26, 2020

I tried to post a comment there but it hasn’t appeared. Just testing to see if this one appears.


alanmyler - March 26, 2020

Ok that worked. So here’s the original comment:

We do a few vegetables every year, but this year we’re planning to double capacity in the plot and plant a load of stuff. Spuds as always, the rhubarb is doing well already this year, the strawberries have been moved so possibly they won’t do as well as usual, and we’ve seeds in for spinach, cabbage, lettuce, leeks, scallions, and we’ll try carrots again but I’m not sure we have the right type of soil for those as they didn’t do well at all last time we tried them. Lots of flowers too, as we’ll need them to lift the mood, there’s nothing nicer than sitting out in the yard on a long summer evening with a glass of wine or beer and listening to the bumble bees buzzing in the flower beds. Now having said all of that, we’re living out in the country, we’ve an endless amount of space to grow stuff, so I’m curious to know how those in the city will prioritise their use of limited resources in that respect. Presumably you’ll all be painting the back walls of your houses with paint from the hardware shop and planting lettuce in boxes on your south facing windowsills?


yourcousin - March 26, 2020

As a PSA. If you do plant flowers please make sure they are pollinator friendly. Not sure if that’s any different there, but doesn’t hurt to remind.

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alanmyler - March 26, 2020

Good point YC, not something I’d even thought about. What’s the issue here, that some plants don’t produce pollen or that the pollen isn’t suitable for the insects do you know?

Quick Google throws up this list of suitable plants:

Click to access Pollinator-friendly-planting-code-temporary-draft.pdf

We tend to plant the same flowers every year and the yard hums with bees so I think we’re probably doing the right thing already by default. And some of the bedding shrubs seem very popular with them too year after year. The laburnum tree has to be the winner though.


3. FergusD - March 26, 2020

In the U.K. I couldn’t order veg seeds from Wilko, sold out! A friend tells me compost is unobtainable. I got seeds somewhere else and have my own compost fortunately. So are the Brits digging up their lawns and flower beds and planting veg? ‘Dig for Victory’? Dunkirk spirit and all that?

Hmm… plenty of evidence of a lack of the Dunkirk spirit amongst some here though.


4. Joe - April 1, 2020

The little apple tree that I grew from a seed from a shop-bought apple. The tree is looking lovely just now. Leaves just starting to appear along with loads of little pink balls that will be flowers next week. It does be covered in the pink flowers for a week or two. Then the little apples form and come October they start to turn a lovely shade of deep red, maroon I’d say. It’s then a lovely ornamental tree full of little maroon apples through the winter. One or two of those wizened apples from last year are even still hanging on now.
The apples are just about edible but too small and dry. So we leave them on for the tree’s ornamental value.

So, flowers. I’ll leave this here. The lyrics are with it. The best new wave love lyric ever?
Beware of the flowers
Cos you know they’re gonna get you


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