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The name of the state and other matters… March 31, 2020

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Was reading Sam McConkey’s piece in the Irish Times, mentioned elsewhere on the site, and a comment BTL caused me to go looking for something. The comment went along the lines of:

“We live under and respect and cherish the authority of the rule of Irish law and of our evolving 1937 Constitution.” To which I say; “Agreed”.

“The name of the State is Éire, or, in the English language, Ireland,” declares Article 4 of the Irish Constitution. This points to a political challenge when it comes to building consensus right across the Oireachtas. It suggests, too, a fatal faultline in any ‘government of national unity’:
Sinn Fein’s party constitution doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of the state and the party is distinctive in not using the terms ‘Republic of Ireland’, or the Republic for short.

That may well be correct. Though I think that if the name of the state is ‘Ireland’ it is a stretch to demand people use ‘Republic of’ as well. But what about other parties constitutions. For example. What of FF? There’s this fantastic PDF from Irish Election Literature from 1983 as well as this online. That too doesn’t mention the ‘Republic of Ireland’ or the word Republic.

What about Fine Gael? Again, no mention of ROI or Republic.

Labour? A pattern is emerging here.

The point being that it is futile to attack SF for things it supposedly is at fault for when others are equally at fault.


1. Joe - March 31, 2020

Ah c’mon. We’ve been through this before. We sorted it. It’s the Southern Shithole. The north is the Northern Shithole. When they’re united it will just be the plain Shithole.


2. makedoanmend - March 31, 2020

If Ireland is a shithole, I prefer it a 100x more than our neighbor (the UK or Britian and Northern Ireland or England and Its Remaining Colonies) who perpetrates a perpetual shit storm.

I prefer our shithole to the shithole USA, or the shithole France or the shithole China. In fact, of all the shitholes in the all the shitty world, I prefer our shithole by a country mile. And anyway, shit is fertiliser and thus necessary for our most important source of wealth – agriculture.


3. Tomboktu - March 31, 2020

Yesterday on Twitter, Darach Ó Séaghdha asked

So, it’s the 353 bit and the 44 bit. Sorted.


Aonrud ⚘ - April 1, 2020

All very well, but where does that leave the 048 people?


4. roddy - March 31, 2020

If I’m in a good mood I say “the south”. If I’m annoyed with someone in the 26 I say “free state” or “free stater”.


Joe - April 1, 2020

Think it’s similar for most of us Mexicans. Good mood – ‘the north’. Annoyed by one of them – ‘nordie’ or ‘nordie b***ard’.

A question though for all the Mexicans on here. Is ‘nordie’ a generic term for anyone from the six or is it more often a reference to a nationalist from the six? Like is one more likely to use nordie in reference to Michelle as opposed to Arlene?
I think so. Annoyed with Michelle – ‘nordie wotsit’, annoyed with Arlene – ‘orange wotsit’?


5. roddy - April 1, 2020

A couple of years ago ,Mrs Roddy got 2 jack Russell pups from a woman in Donegal.A neighbour drove into the yard,saw them and asked me “where did you get them?”.I replied “thems 2 Donegal men”.A week or 2 later he drove in again and one of the pups proceeded to nip at his ankles,to which he shouted “lie down ye free state bastard ye”!


Joe - April 1, 2020

🙂 :). Have we anyone from Donegal on here? Wondering if the pups had gone west instead of east i.e. Derry to Donegal, would the Tyrconnell man have said “lie down ye nordie bastard ye”?


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