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Not comforting… April 2, 2020

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From the Guardian…

The threat from the rise of far-right terrorism in Britain could be diminishing after Boris Johnson’s election victory because supporters of the ideology feel they are being listened to, according to a former head of MI5.


1. sonofstan - April 2, 2020

I’ve seen it posited that the decline in the NF in the early eighties was less down to the activities of the ANL/ RAR and more down to Thatcherite dog-whistles.


WorldbyStorm - April 2, 2020

Yeah, I’ve always felt that was more likely to be the case. Not that the ANL/RAR didn’t help, I’d think they were vital in nudging one strand particularly of young people away from the far right, but Thatcher’s rhetoric without question had a significant impact (as no doubt did the sense that legislation and approaches to legislation would be different under Thatcher than say the LP).


2. Daire O'Criodain - April 2, 2020

Note, it does say “could” be diminishing. You don’t ever have to have been in MI5 to be able to say that safely.

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