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Another update from Madrid on the crisis… April 6, 2020

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Jason O’Toole, as noted before, well known to this parish, or collective or… well, whatever we all are, has another piece this week in the Irish Daily Mirror on life in Madrid under their lockdown. It is a disturbing picture which brings home the realities of life for many across the continent. And it is one that is yet more constrained than the situation in Ireland.

l’m sure many of you are beginning to relate to how I’m almost going stir-crazy as I fast approach my first month of a total lockdown in Spain.
But Ireland, mercifully, isn’t experiencing the same level of fear you get from being in a country where huge numbers are dropping like flies.
The death toll here is 12,418 and 130,759 cases.
Since March 14, I’ve only been permi tted to go food shopping or to the pharmacy. There’s no luxury of being allowed to get some fresh air.
But going outside is the last thing on your mind considering there were800-plus deaths every day last week.
It’s been diffic ult to buy food online with websites busy or crashing.
I was lucky to get a home delivery after a week of trying non-stop, but it arrived with many essential items missing, which defeats the purpose.

And he notes how terrifying a visit to the shops was, his first in many weeks. Also:

Irish people should count their blessings if they are able to continue exercising outside for the duration of this horrendous pandemic.
As someone who likes to run five times a week, I feel like a hamster trapped in a cage without his wheel.
But I didn’t have any sympathy for the jogger I watched being dragged, screaming and shouting into a police car when the lockdown first began.

With the military visible on the streets in Spain, this is not a lockdown but more like Martial law.

And as with many of us there are huge stresses:

Those brave souls working in pharmacies held a minute’s silence last Wednesday for eight colleagues who’ve died so far, with another 276 in quarantine.
The original 15-day lockdown here has been extended to April 25 with the Spanish PM admitting it could be even longer still.
I fear we won’t taste freedom again until at least June.
I can imagine many people will be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when this ordeal is all over. It’s so mentally strenuous that I find it hard to read and my mind wanders when I try to watch TV.

And he argues that in some ways, and I think I know precisely what he means, ‘[he/we are]in a nightmarish version of Groundhog Day. I hope for all our sakes a vaccine is discovered soon.’

I’ve relatives too in Spain, close to Granada, and everything Jason says is spot-on with regard to their experience. Difficult times.


1. Dermot M O Connor - April 6, 2020

The difficulty of home deliveries combined with hard lockdown sounds horrendous. I only realised after the outbreak that the big stores here (oregon) do home deliveries. There can be interruptions / difficulties, but nothing like he describes. I haven’t been to a store in weeks now, and the relief of not having to do that is indescribable. Every such trip basically sets your quarantine back to day 1. Bad enough having to disinfect supplies which may or may not be transmissable, but having to stand shoulder to shoulder with people is low on my to-do list now.

I see persistent stupidity on FB about this and the flu, and those evil fucking memes with their phoney data downplaying the lethality. EIGHT dead pharmacists really cuts through that, as does the five dead bus drivers in the UK. UPDATE: now it’s up to eight bus drivers, ten transport workers total.


I don’t know how many people will have to die for the deniers to wake the fuck up. Probably it’ll take someone close to them, because they don’t seem to have a collectivist bone in their bodies.

RE: PTSD – when this is over I think that prepping will go from a niche subculture / source of amusement and parody to a mainstream movement. Normalcy bias might deplete it, but after this there’ll be a lot more people taking emergency prep a lot more seriously. As well they should, given the appalling lack of competence demonstrated by leader after leader. Mayors of Amityville, in particular that insufferable twit in number 10.


WorldbyStorm - April 6, 2020

“I don’t know how many people will have to die for the deniers to wake the fuck up.”


And add to them the anti-G5 mast contingent.


2. An Sionnach Fionn - April 6, 2020

I’m lucky in that I’m deemed essential so I’m in work Mon-Fri which helps with the cabin fever. However, I’m also unlucky as I’m in work Mon-Fri which doesn’t help with the anxiety.

My company, an IT place, has never been busier. We’re flooded with work for the hardware and software sectors. Unfortunately most of the staff are remote working so those of us on-site (or sites, in my case) are trebling up on our workload. I’ve never been so tired come the weekend. Which weirdly helps again with the stir crazies.

My biggest pain is running out of clothes to wear since everything is on a continuous wash loop, as we’ve been advised to shed our outerwear upon returning home and wash it as soon as possible. So evenings are a fun game of fighting the weather to get some drying in.

And yes, I know, small fry problems compared to real frontline staff, but everything is exaggerated in this situation.

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3. gregtimo - April 8, 2020

Oddly the Mirror choose not to share that online and 1st I heard of O’Toole anyhow (only read the Mirror online on British politics I have to admit) . Anyhow that I believe (in central Madrid) as sounds similar to Italy where jogging and ‘long walks’ were banned by the (centre-left) Emilia Romagna region (region of old ‘red’ Bologna) weeks back . Too depressing for the Mirror online perhaps ?

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WorldbyStorm - April 8, 2020

I can believe that. I could see measures like that introduced in Ireland


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