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My covid cultural discovery: The Wolf of Baghdad April 17, 2020

Posted by Tomboktu in Art, Culture, Film.

Have looked at or listened to something creative that you wouldn’t have if the corona pandemic hadn’t locked you in or down?

I bought a music CD online, called The Wolf of Baghdad.

Somewhere along the line in my lock-down/-in browsing, I came across a reference to the Wolf of Baghdad, which is a story created and told in different media. The creator is Carol Isaacs, a Jewish woman who was born in England but whose parents are from Baghdad. She was raised in British culture, middle class, without her family’s Iraqi hertiage. She has two careers: a cartoonist and a musician. The Wolf of Baghdad is Isaac’s creation to tell some of her family’s stories and memories.

One creation/artefact of The Wolf of Baghdad is a graphic novel. Two other creations are the music CD that I bought and a DVD, described as a ‘motion comic’. Here is a trailer

A fourth creation is currently on hold because of the virus: a live stage show featuring the music and film.

Isaacs’s site for the project is here: https://thewolfofbaghdad.wordpress.com/

You can listen to an hour-long programme with Isaacs on a London radion station here: https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/the-news-agents-7th-march-2020/

What have you discovered during the crisis?


1. Joe - April 17, 2020

To your question Tombo. Yes, two things. On Netflix. Tiger King and Ozark.

First time ever getting buried into a tv series, me and the missus, with those two. Most enjoyable.

Lots of other first time stuff like zoom and whatsapp video calls and now someone is talking about Google Hangout. I’ll be on twitter and tiktok before we know it.

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2. sonofstan - April 17, 2020

The ICA (Instittute of Contemporary Art, not the Countrywomen) have a daily mail out that’s full of diverting free stuff.
There’s a great image on the home page atm

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WorldbyStorm - April 17, 2020

Like it!


3. oliverbohs - April 17, 2020

Er, old Tales of the Unexpected episodes on YouTube. Don’t judge me☺️. Tales did vary in quality and budget, though esteemed actors of stage & screen seemed keen to show up. The Hitchhiker, played by Cyril Cusack is prob the best one I’ve seen. The incidental and background music in nearly all of them v notable. Unsubtle and insistent, but purposely odd, it’s what you remember more than the slight plots. And that’s not even mentioning the main theme…

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WorldbyStorm - April 17, 2020

I do not judge you! 🙂 They’re pretty great, albeit…of their time. I haven’t watched them in ages. Great spot.


4. gypsybhoy69 - April 18, 2020

Savage Eye on RTE Player. Saw lots of snippets of this show on YouTube and Facebook but didn’t watch it when it was on. Just started season 3 and still not sure what to make of it but then that’s the comedy I usually prefer. Some seriously funny piss takes on Ireland but I can never get it out of my head that he’s David Andrews son and brother of Barry. Serious FF dynasty, albeit a bit more liberal but still FF true and true.
What I’ve really learnt from starting to watch it is how shit RTE Player is.


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