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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… The Doors April 18, 2020

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

My son turned 20 last weekend , the day Leo announced further restrictions (The Lockdown) he did so at around four. It meant that we had to high tail it down to Nutgrove to try and assemble some kind of birthday present for my son or else we’d be reduced to the middle aisle in Lidl (although a Hurling Rebounder was added to the gift from there!).
Anyway Harvey Norman had a small selection of vinyl where I spotted The Doors first album. Figured it would be an acceptable present. Turned out it was a massive hit.
I had forgotten how good The Doors were, the album is really fantastic full of classic tunes.


1. WorldbyStorm - April 18, 2020

I’m amazed neither of us has done the doors in this slot before. I still rate them very very highly, despite some of the bombast and melodrama (fairly sure I need to listen to The End again). They really were quite something, a very very broad range of styles, huge talent, charisma. To my mind vastly better than the Stones. And a pop band as well as everything else able to turn out a 2-3minute gem.

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Mick. - April 18, 2020

I saw The Doors live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 . It was late at night and I was walking through the festival, when the Doors were on stage. It’s not regarded as one of their great show, but I though they were rely good.

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2. alanmyler - April 18, 2020

They’re very good. The End is just amazing. In my mind it’s completely wrapped up with Apocalypse Now of course. The organ solo in the middle of Light My Fire is just timeless, it just drifts off and does it’s thing before coming back with orgasmic intensity. A bit like the Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again, or indeed the Stone Roses’ I Am The Resurrection. Great to see youngsters appreciate the old music, I put that down to the parenting. Well done. And happy birthday belatedly to himself.

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sonofstan - April 18, 2020

“Great to see youngsters appreciate the old music, I put that down to the parenting”

hmmm…..I teach a module on ‘The Sixties: Music, Culture and Politics’ and dealing with questions that begin ‘but my Dad says…..’ is one of the banes of that particular class. That and the ridiculous over-estimation of the Beatles.

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alanmyler - April 18, 2020

But who’s dads were around in the 60s at this stage? If you were talking about the 80s or 90s then maybe. As to the Beatles, yep, with you there.


sonofstan - April 18, 2020

True. But even if dad wasn’t around in the sixties, it doesn’t stop him having an opinion. And sometimes it’s grandad….


WorldbyStorm - April 18, 2020

I really love the Beatles, but it’s a bit like Joy Division (or indeed U2 though not so much a fan of them), one has to wonder putting the melodies which are great aside how much was a function of production at the initial stages. And agreed there’s a reification of them which is disproportionate both to their output and indeed diminishes many other great bands.

AlanM, that’s an entertaining point!


3. oliverbohs - April 18, 2020

There’s a good theory of rock\pop that presents the “holy fool” frontman/solo artist as a valuable archetype that is much harder to maintain in the internet era now the relatively narrow interpretive media coming out of the music biz is long gone. There isn’t a music press like before, there’s an infinite number of podcasts and internet radio stations along with analogue era ones, Top of the Pops long gone etc. So those Morrison influenced unpredictable types (in the past: Curtis, Crucial 3, Bono, even Michael Hutchence, etc) are beside the point now, they can just go howl at the Moon for their fifteen fans. Can only think of Ariel Pink as the last of Morrison’s offspring today


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