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A warning about the severity of the virus… April 30, 2020

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From last night in the Guardian there’s this:

A third of patients admitted to hospital in the UK with Covid-19 are dying, according to a major study whose authors said the observed death rates put the illness on a par with Ebola.

The study tracked the outcomes of nearly 17,000 patients – around one-third of all those admitted to hospital in the UK – and found that 33% had died, 49% were discharged and 17% were still receiving treatment after two weeks.

And for those labouring under the illusion that this is somehow akin to more familiar viruses…

“Some people persist in believing that Covid-19 is no worse than a bad dose of flu. They are gravely mistaken,” said Calum Semple, professor in child health and outbreak medicine at the University of Liverpool, and chief investigator of the study.

“Despite the best supportive care that we can provide, the crude case fatality rate for people who are admitted to hospital with severe Covid-19 is 35% to 40% which is similar to that for people admitted to hospital with Ebola.”

And for all the talk of underlying conditions, one in particular that people don’t think of same seems to be key:

The most significant health risk factor was obesity, increasing risk of death by 37% – a greater amount than heart disease (31%), lung disease (19%) or kidney disease (25%).

As the media is filled with pieces urging a relaxation of shut-downs it is never more important to get a sense of just how serious this virus is.

On a personal note I know now of a little less than a dozen people who have had it and it has been a severe to extremely severe illness in almost all cases.


1. alanmyler - April 30, 2020

Don’t know if people have seen this article already but it’s very sobering in terms of how COVID attacks the body in ways that are only really beginning to be understood.


I know two people who have tested positive. A college friend of my wife’s, and our eldest daughter whom I mentioned previously. In both cases the symptoms were limited to loss of smell and taste (anosmia). While that doesn’t sound too bad on the face of it I’ve read that in up to 30% of cases of COVID related anosmia that the damage to the sensory receptors is permanent, lifelong. (I have anosmia myself since my late teens and it’s not life-changing really, though a bit inconvenient sometimes, particularly when I can’t smell if something has gone off in the fridge. If you’re going to lose one of your senses this is definitely the one that’s easiest to manage without). The daughter’s smell is starting to return, thankfully, 3 weeks since testing positive, so we’re hoping that she’ll get a full return to normality there. But in terms of permanent damage, short of death, COVID can also leave people with kidney failure, heart conditions, gastric conditions. And I don’t hear much or anything in the mainstream media about this aspect of the disease. Of course the death rates are ultimately more important, but they’re not a full measure of the lasting cost to society of this pandemic. And of course we’re not necessarily counting the death rates accurately either, given the FT analysis of year-on-year death rates across the board which suggests that a lot more people are dying in March 2020 than in the same month in previous years, although whether directly or indirectly due to the pandemic is impossible to say at this stage.

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makedoanmend - April 30, 2020

Thanks for the update. Strangely these days, given the poor state of the media world wide, I tend to rely on this ancedotal information quite a bit to supplement the bigger picture. I was wondering about the long term effects of covid, and not just reinfection aspect. Anosmia is a completely new factor to add to the mix.


alanmyler - April 30, 2020

MDAM I’m reliably informed by my wife that Dr John Campbell is the best go to source for daily analysis of what’s happening. He does a 30 minute YouTube thing every day and while I can’t actually bring myself to attempt to sit through something like that on a regular basis she swears by it and finds that anything else she comes across in the mainstream media tends to have already been previously covered by him in his videos. I’ve a less obsessive personality than herself and tend to get bored with a subject more easily (unless it’s Italian communism of course) so I just don’t have the daily staying power for that type of thing myself.


2. CL - April 30, 2020


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