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Hot for EU, but a little cooler… April 30, 2020

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Speaking of matters relating to the EU. Not really surprising that pro-EU sentiment has dipped slightly from the fevered days of last year.

[A] survey, carried out by Red C and the European Movement Ireland, was based on a sample of over 1,000 adults aged over 18 between 20 and 25 March.

When Brexit and the Irish backstop dominated the news agenda, a staggering 93% of Irish people believed Ireland should remain in the EU.

With Brexit now replaced by the coronavirus pandemic, attitudes have shifted somewhat, although support for membership remains high, at 84%, with just 7% disagreeing and 9% unsure.

Of course that new crisis is all-pervasive in a way that even Brexit wasn’t. The stats are interesting on the crisis.

Opinion on how the EU has handled the coronavirus emergency is evenly split, with 47% believing the EU has handled it well, and 46% disagreeing.

Whatever about the EU, the Eurozone has been less adroit. It would be informative to see attitudes to that. But in fairness it hasn’t been at the uppermost of peoples minds in recent days.

Then again what of the following:

Irish people are decidedly cool about taking in more refugees, with 53% against and 35% in favour.

Only 43% of Irish voters would support more enlargement of the EU, with 37% against, while a majority – 41% – is opposed to Ireland paying more money into the EU budget, with only one in three in favour.

Or this:

However, some 49% of Irish voters believe the states should play a greater role in EU security and defence, compared to 31% who disagreed.

A very mixed bag of attitudes.


1. EWI - April 30, 2020

However, some 49% of Irish voters believe the states should play a greater role in EU security and defence, compared to 31% who disagreed.

A few years of BS pieces about ‘Russian bombers in our airspace’ and a lot of sleight-of-hand about ‘UN’ missions which are former European colonial powers extering themselves in their old spheres.


Ned Corcaigh - April 30, 2020

But what’s the explanation for the refugee, enlargement and budget percentages which would seem on the face of it to provide a basis for some kind of right wing anti-EU movement?


2. makedoanmend - April 30, 2020

84% approval rating is still pretty robust. Our beloved leaders would be in raptures if they could get such high ratings. Leo would fall in love with himself all over again.

The drop can be partially explained by comparing how the EU had our backs, so to speak, over maintaing a seemless border during the divorce negotiations with the UK as against how luke warm the EU response has been to the financial incentives needed post convid-19. I have to give a pass to the EU on the covid-19 initial response since health policy is entirely in the realms of each individual member state.

The Euro is the soft under belly of the EU. If the Eurozone fails to introduce Eurobonds, even at a capped amount, or if countries like Italy and Spain fail to leave the Euro in an orderly fashion in the event Eurobonds are blocked, the Euro might prove to have been the worst EU decision ever.

On a EU wide basis, the EU fairs a lot less positively in polls.

One of the problems I encounter is that I have to filter out so much UK based media noise and sometimes just pure propoganda. It tends to distort a broader European perspective. I had to drop reading the Guardian due to its piss poor and often nationalist coverage.

I try to keep up with European events via TAZ and Libération, but that leaves out Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Scandanavia and all of Easter Europe. So much going on, so little covered. There’s so much going on in Europe but instead we’re fed how Johnson has sired yet another sprog. Yeah, I need to know that. Thanks RTÉ.

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sonofstan - April 30, 2020

“Leo would fall in love with himself all over again”

I suspect that’s daily communion.


Ned Corcaigh - April 30, 2020

Good point on the UK media coverage.
Since Brexit there’s been an obsession in English media, and not just the usual suspects, with problems in other European countries. Afd are poised to seize power! Les Gilets Jaunes will topple Macron! The Fascist Obscurantist Party have increased their vote from 3% to 5% in a shock to Ruritian politics!
And even the beginning of the current crisis saw a certain schadenfreude about the problems of Italy and Spain.
It’s something I’ve become very aware of, talking with my own kids for example, the need not to become narrowly focussed on the Anglo-American sphere as if there are no other political or cultural options beyond what is offered there.
For all our pro Eu stuff, we can be a bit blinkered about the rest of Europe.

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Ned Corcaigh - April 30, 2020

Leo’s love affair with himself is like Fatal Attraction with two Glenn Closes.


makedoanmend - April 30, 2020


hopefully we aren’t the bunny when it’s all said and done


3. Roger Cole - April 30, 2020

The 49% who say they want to get more involved with EU security and defence ( see: http://www.pana.ie ) They might indeed be in favour oof spending €400 million on a naval troop carrier take part in an EU Navy
as advocated by FG & FF in the last Dail instead of our health system, except they don’t about it as the entire Irish corporate media especially RTE never mention it.
If they did, I am very confident that 82% ( the number that support Irish Neutrality) would not be in favour.


EWI - April 30, 2020

Amphibious warfare ships are there to be used for amphibious landings (otherwise known as invasions).


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