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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… What I was Listening to Last Weekend May 2, 2020

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

There’s four of us in the house and last Sunday I found myself, through various circumstances, alone in the house. It struck me that it must have been well over a month since I was home alone. I threw on the dinner and danced around listening to the selection of CDs in the kitchen. Given we’ve a bit of an open plan area with the TV there and the radio regularly on, the CDs wouldn’t get much of a play there.
The bit of time alone was nice. That said there are people on their own that are craving company. The cocooning is driving my Mam mad, although she is within the 2km for both my brother and sister to pop in on their daily exercise. I’ve been popping over with shopping and the like for her too.
I’m the designated shopper in my house, so whilst I’ll go and see my Mam, I’m not going near my parents in laws who are both highly vulnerable to Covid 19. So the circle is literally my own household and my Mother. Where my wifes is her family and ourselves. My teenage daughter and 20 year old son (who is doing exams at the minute) are being very good and not going out hanging around with friends. They are terrified (like the rest of us) that we’d inadvertently kill one of their grandparents!
My daughter has evening group chats with pals on her ipad and they even are doing excercises together at 8 each night. My son has online sessions with various friends too.


1. WorldbyStorm - May 2, 2020

That’s great re your son and daughter. Extremely responsible. My mother is outside the 2k but has family with her on a continual basis. The other crew are outside Dublin so that’s a non-starter. It’s a small world at the moment but getting by. The creature has more than sufficient links through her friends on social media and gaming (it’s interesting though how this comes in waves). Then there’s cousins and so on, though ironically more contact in a way with ones abroad than those closest – through Zoom and so on. All very strange sort of rearrangement of previously existing jigsaw pieces.


2. alanmyler - May 2, 2020

Nice to get a bit of peace and quiet amongst the hecticness IEL. 😉
I was just thinking of my very limited music listening today while we were out for a very local cycle, and how since the start of the pandemonium I’ve listened to nothing apart from the Boomtown Rats first album. Normally I’d be listening to music in the car while commuting to work in Dublin, but that’s been on hold for the past six weeks, so I’ve actually very little opportunity to listen to stuff. Unfortunately none of the family share my musical tastes so I don’t really get to play music in the kitchen and given the levels of social isolation going on I’m certainly not motivated to slope off by myself just to play a few tunes. So literally the only time I’ve been listening is while in the shower! Too much information??

Anyhow, the Rats first album, some absolute crackers on it. Definite influences of the Stones, Bowie, Springsteen, Dr Feelgood, but a very consistently good debut album. Personal favourite is probably Neon Heart for the really catchy guitar riff, or Close As You’ll Ever be, or maybe Joey’s On The Streets Again as a precursor to Rat Trap on their second album. Anyway it’s definitely my pandemic album so far at least.

BTW our son is doing his college exams too at the minute, just did an online exam yesterday, handed in his final year project on Thurs, and has one assignment still to complete. Very tough on them reaching those kinds of milestones and no possibility of celebrating it with their mates.

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3. Lamentreat - May 3, 2020

thanks for the Proclaimers reminder, it took me back to this rendition of it, great moment in world football history

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gypsybhoy69 - May 21, 2020

I’ve stuck this on many times. Goose pimple stuff. Bohs are trying to get there with the Auld Triangle. The Gypsy choir are chomping at the bit to give it another blast.


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